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East of England Co-op
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Owned by more than 275,000 members, the client is an independent co-op based in the East of England. Their digital presence needed to be significantly overhauled to focus on mobile UX, to have better e-commerce integration and more flexibility of content editing.

increase in store finder visits.

A broad range of Kentico features under one roof

The client is delighted with their new website; in particular, they appreciate how easily they can update it. With less time and resource being used for updates, there is a space for concentrating on more strategic marketing tasks.

To meet all technology goals of the project, the website utilises a broad range of Kentico functionalities:

  • Bespoke Facilities Management System—Kentico allowed East of England Co-Op to create custom tables and add them to the admin platform in such a way that makes them feel built-in
  • Integration Bus – this facilitates keeping environments completely separate; the code and database changes can be made together, which simplifies the testing and release workflow
  • Custom Form Controls – Crafted built many custom controls that allow the optimisation of the UI for various elements of the Kentico Admin
  • E-commerce – Crafted wrote their own payment provider to handle recurring and one‑off payments via PayPal and added extra information they needed to Kentico’s Shopping Cart/Order fields
  • Email Marketing – Provides dramatically improved control over the content of emails whilst keeping them fully responsive
  • Widgets – multiple widget zones per page provide the content editors with the maximum amount of flexibility


After the launch period compared to the same period in 2017, the site has seen:

increase in page views

increase in users




  • Kentico Silver Partner
  • Quality expert


  • Cloud
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Integration and Customization
  • Intranet/Extranet
  • Locations
  • United Kingdom flag

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