Cleveland Steel Tool

By thunder::tech, USA
Cleveland Steel Tool

For over one hundred years, Cleveland Steel Tool is the world leader in the manufacture and sale of punches, dies, tools and specialty tools. Cleveland Steel Tool leadership wanted a more intuitive and engaging website that would provide an easier path to finding the right tool, product or service for their customers. And without any doubts, this goal was reached pretty well, as you can see by the 254% increase in organic traffic.

increase in organic traffic

Goals, challenges and solution

The site needed to be responsive and drive more online orders and leads. And, finally, the site structure and CMS needed to accommodate short-term and long-term expansion.

Cleveland Steel Tool has thousands of items listed and when they need to make a change to a price, or correct a description or a dimension,  their employees can now implement the changes themselves immediately.

The client ultimately is able to do more for their customers with less friction and effort.  Products could be found, based on their relevance to a particular customer’s situation, in any number of ways and the site reflects that.

Thunder::tech is going to implement PayPal and they are also going to utilize Content Personalization, use more insightful tracking of the purchase path, and use an additional path to purchase, based on industry/application type of product (example: bridge building, building construction, etc.)


The following stats are a comparison between 9/1/15 – 3/24/16 to 9/1/14 – 3/24/15.

increase in unique visitors

increase in new visitors

increase in returning visitors

increase in sessions

increase in pages/session

increase in session duration

increase in page views




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