Atkinsons Bullion

By Ridgeway, United Kingdom
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Atkinsons Bullion

Atkinsons were looking for a new website that reflected the premium nature of their product along with the expert client services that they offer. The new website has resulted in a significant increase in business—98% increase in average order value and 14% increase in transactions.

increase in revenue

Gold rules

The Ridgeway team integrated the new website with live pricing via the gold and silver index. Code was built from scratch so that if prices fluctuate dramatically, phone only mode is activated which means customers have to purchase over the phone. This functionality eradicated previous issues Atkinsons had experienced with live pricing causing prices to drop to zero value, resulting in unhappy customers and abandoned purchases.

The website is integrated with Brightpearl, Atkinsons’ stock management system, and with Trustpilot, which enables visitors to leave feedback on their purchase. Various five-star customer ratings have been left on the website, often praising the website as ‘well implemented’ and ‘a great improvement’.


The first two statistics were measured six months after launch, while the rest compares the period, March to May 2017, with the same period last year:

increase in visit rate

increase in transactions

increase in average order value

increase in mobile and tablet traffic

increase in page views




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