Apprenticeship Careers Australia

By Create Studios, Australia
Apprenticeship Careers Australia

Four months of development brought along a new website that supports the rebranding of the Australian Recruitment Company and its transformation into Apprenticeship Careers Australia. The new design has put the new brand at the forefront by following fresh user interface trends. Finding jobs cannot be easier than with this job board. 

increase in job applicants

How to attract the right ones

The lead generation capability of the previous website was insufficient. This has changed since the utilization of Kentico features, including Campaign Management, Contact Management, and Marketing Automation. 

A custom filter web part was developed to allow users to search for jobs, and a custom form web part was used for applications. All job data, including the data in the various filters, is stored in custom tables. 

The new site is averaging over 90% more traffic than the previous version of the site. Plus, the number of applicants for jobs has more than doubled, with the company experiencing a huge increase in resumes coming through the site.


increase in traffic

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