Adventist Risk Management

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Adventist Risk Management

Adventist Risk Management (ARM) is the official insurance and risk management company for the Seventh-day Adventist Church and Adventist ministries around the world. The website provides personalized insurance products and safety resources.

increase in page views

Delivering the right content to the right people across the globe at speed

A unique element of this project was the client’s request to keep the functionality, content, and design identical. They just wanted to focus on upgrading the version of Kentico Xperience to improve performance and gain access to the latest marketing features.

An essential feature of the website was that it had to be region-specific, displaying different content for different regions, each region having its own microsite with its own subset of languages. Some content, such as the homepage, had to be translated into all languages—which meant that showing the right content to the right people was one of the project’s more significant tasks.

In collaboration with Discover IT, an award-winning digital agency, the complete rebuild project was planned to get ARM’s web solution future-proof ready by upgrading the long-standing client to the latest version of Kentico Xperience, using the MVC development approach.

Geo IP Lookup and Selector with a map, countries, and languages

Based on ARM's requirements, both from a technical and business point of view, the decision was made to go with the Single Website Architecture. Every page that is created is assigned to one or more regions and that determines what content will be displayed in what region.

When a user lands on the homepage, geo IP lookup occurs to check if it is different to the culture subfolder. If this is the case, the country and language selector is displayed to the user to allow to change to the correct culture. The homepage defaults to the EN-US Culture. 

In terms of the design, Discover IT developed a custom web part, which uses a third-party map component alongside Kentico Xperience's standard controls such as dropdowns. When a user selects a country and language, the user is redirected to a valid Xperience culture.

Translation management at scale

After working through several options, ARM and Discover IT made the decision to proceed with localization through, which has an existing integration with Kentico Xperience and allows for pages to be automatically submitted for translation in multiple languages. 

When the translations have been completed through the Kentico integration, the content is automatically populated in the appropriate culture. Anything that cannot be submitted through the integration is manually populated. This content is a small percentage.

Integrated solution

Discover IT used the Kentico Active Directory Import Utility to import the existing users across the world into the new website. Using standard Kentico Xperience settings, the site allows users to log in using their already existing credentials. Thanks to consultation with the Kentico support team the integration was completed without facing any significant problems. 

Services integrated with the Adventist Risk Management website solution:

  • Active Directory Integration
  • Microsoft Azure hosting
  • MailChimp


Combined results from adopting Kentico Xperience, an MVC approach, and updating the server are impressive. 

Since the launch of the new website, some components are now loading faster when compared to the old website and ARM are experiencing higher traffic with page views increasing substantially from 3,676 to 13,413 views.

Discover IT are delighted to see that even with the increase in traffic, ARM is still benefitting from improved performance.  

A comparison of the periods September–November 2019 and December 2019–February 2020 yielded the following results:

faster average load time of critical components

increase in page views

"When our team went searching for the right vendor to create our new website, we corresponded with many options. When it came down to our final decision, Discover IT was our choice for the vendor who has experience with the Kentico platform and provided innovative solutions to the challenges we presented."

Anna Bartlett, Website Manager, Adventist Risk Management®, Inc.

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