How to scale your online customer experience

With the pace of change accelerating, competitive intensity increasing, and consumer expectation soaring, organizations are under immense pressure to deliver consistently great multiexperiences across touchpoints. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn the importance of understanding your digital experience maturity and how digital experience platforms (DXPs) are helping organizations delight customers in the age of great expectations.

In this whitepaper, written in cooperation with Kentico Silver Partner Adrenalin, you’ll learn how brands are using DXPs to create memorable multiexperiences for their customers and how you can too. We’ll cover:

  • What digital maturity looks like in a post-pandemic landscape 
  • Why it is crucial for your business and customers
  • How DXPs rise above the CMS in experience delivery
  • The importance of omnichannel and the multiexperience
  • The power of personalization and how to scale it
  • Creating a persistent and consistent customer experience
  • How DXPs power ROI

Organizations are looking to boost their digital maturity beyond the rapid response necessitated by the pandemic. But as the pressure increases, the curve steepens, making it increasingly difficult to deliver the kind of consistent multichannel experiences the customer expects.

Still requiring uncompromising flexibility and agility, as well as up-to-the-minute digital marketing capabilities, companies now also need the ability to bring all their customer insights together from across their various touchpoints and to be able to action them in serving those touchpoints with deeply personalized and consistent customer experiences. 

An often-overlooked element in delivering this “multiexperience”, however, is the technology requirement for endless extensibility and impeccable interoperability. Only when all touchpoints are seamlessly linked and can be managed from one central hub can you achieve true multiexperience.

Digital experience platforms (DXPs) are the solution. Not only do they bring the kind of agility required by businesses in the post-pandemic era, but their modular architecture, endless extensibility, fluid flexibility and ease of use ensures marketing autonomy in delivering exceptional personalized customer experiences across touchpoints.

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