Antonín Moravec

Antonín Moravec

Chief Product Officer
Antonín Moravec
I am Kentico's CPO.

Why I love Kentico

Moral values are the most important thing for me. The way Kentico and Petr Palas have always invested themselves in our customers’ success inspires me to want to help our customers grow. I love it when I get positive feedback from a customer at the end of the day and I appreciate a culture in which we treat each other equally. In Kentico, I have it all. If you come to me with a better solution than mine, I am happy to do it your way. We check our egos and job titles at the door so the best idea or solution always wins.

My job at Kentico

I am the main problem solver at Kentico. I am the one who steps in whenever there is a complex issue to deal with, like fixing a dysfunctional team, streamlining processes, and coming up with new strategies. My job is to do whatever is required to keep the company on track, even if that means making tough and unpopular calls. I rebuilt the Executive Team from the ground up and helped form the new marketing team. I am also one of the founders of Kentico Academy.

My journey

I joined the company in 2007 after my classmates recommended me to Petr Palas. I started as a tester, and I quickly rose through the ranks: I got promoted to QA Manager and then to Project Manager. Later, I became the VP of Technical Operations and was the COO for more than seven years. I am now Chief Product Officer. A creative person who thinks outside the box, likes to build things and help others grow by sharing the experience I have gained throughout my career. I love experimenting and finding better ways to do things, even if the proposed methods are unorthodox.

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