Kentico 8

Kentico Evaluation Report - J. Boye

This J. Boye insight paper is written on the basis of the experience and knowledge of members of the J.Boye expert team, interviews with customers and partners of Kentico, and a briefing by Kentico. The intention of the evaluation is to give you, as a buyer or an existing customer, an easily accessible tool to evaluate whether Kentico would be the right CMS for your targets and web presence objectives.

Kentico CMS 7

Technology Evaluation Centers - Kentico EMS 7

The Information Management and Collaboration Evaluation Center enables you to compare and evaluate functionality based on TEC’s comprehensive model of WCM software. Data used in the Evaluation Center are obtained from the vendor’s responses to TEC’s research questionnaire.

Kentico CMS 5.x

A look at the new features in Kentico CMS 5.5 R2

The addition of these new features put Kentico a level above it’s competitors. The development team continues to impress and add user friendly functionality that puts creativity into the hands of the end user with style and simplicity.

Kentico 5 – .NET Content Management at its finest

"Kentico, as always, comes loaded with pretty much everything one can think of. It’s fast, it’s attractive and the learning curve is not as steep as some of it’s competitors. In a market where ease of use is almost always the number one priority for those considering implementing a new system, Kentico is poised in the top tier of systems."

Kentico CMS for ASP.NET Sites

"All in all, I'd give Kentico CMS my highest rating. I've tried a number of CMS systems over the last few years, and I don't think any of them offer this level of sophistication and features for the money."

Kentico CMS Review

The Kentico CMS looks promising with the capability and flexibility to serve the needs of an individual or an organization. You should definitely check their Roadmap which contains details on how they plan to grow bigger and better!

Product Review: Kentico CMS 5

"The many new features in Kentico CMS 5 make it a significant improvement over previous versions of the product. I recommend it as a highly useful tool for webmasters who want to use an ASP.NET-based CMS for the creation and management of websites."

Kentico CMS 4.x

Kentico CMS for ASP.NET 4.0

"Kentico CMS for ASP.NET 4.0 includes all the essential modules for building content for your website, but it's up to the web developer to fully utilize them. Once you understand how to use this product, I expect that you'll find it easy to build and maintain websites quickly."

Kentico, the CMS for the .Net Generation

"Ratings wise, it’s uncomparable. There literally is nothing on the market that comes close to touching this software as far as Social Networking integration goes that we’ve tested to date."

Kentico's Latest CMS Focuses On Social Networking

"One of the things I like most about Kentico is that it is clearly focused on value. Last year it adopted the popular model of offering a full-featured version of its CMS for free, albeit without support, and charging for additional features and support."

Market Reports

Review of Kentico EMS 7 by Technology Evaluation Centers. The report is available for FREE at

Compass Guide Evaluation of Kentico by Ars Logica. The report is available for FREE at

Global Content Management 2010 by Common Sense Advisory, Inc. The report is available for purchase at

Kentico riding .NET wave in Web content management by 451 Group. The report is available for purchase at

GIDS CMS, Search & Analytics by Erik Hartman Communicatie. The (Dutch) report for the Benelux market is available for purchase at

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