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Prevea Health is an integrated multi-specialty group with primary care providers and exceptional specialists in Wisconsin, USA. The goal of is to convert non-patients into patients, at the organization and medical service levels.


Following the launch, the new website has seen:

30% decrease in bounce rate

How to convert non-patients into patients with ease?

From a patient perspective, the goal is to route current patients to the tools they need quickly and easily.

  • Upgrade to EMS Version 11
  • Integrate subsidiary websites into the main site
  • Ensure new is set up for success:
    • Infrastructure works well for internal and external users
    • Ensure mobile friendliness in design and page speed
    • Implement Google Analytics goal and event tracking
    • Utilize a custom email subscription center


Skyline created a custom subscription center to manage the end user’s newsletter preferences. The custom subscription center included:

  • Admin functionality to be able to add or remove newsletters on the fly
  • End-user functionality to be able to subscribe or unsubscribe from one, many, or all newsletters
  • An option for the end user to give a reason for unsubscribing so Prevea could use that data to create better content.
Katie Schneekloth

Kentico and Skyline Technologies have been great partners for us. Kentico allows non-developers to keep the site updated on a regular basis, while Skyline Technologies’ deep experience building websites in Kentico helped us take some complex ideas and turn them into reality.

Katie Schneekloth, Manager of Online Strategy
Prevea Health

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