We planted 250 trees in Jevišovka 2014

Don’t be such a stick in the mud! Let’s plant a tree for every bug!

Strange bugs, clouds of mosquitos and more in this swampy Trees for Bugs adventure. Find out how our planters faired in this neat, poem-style blog. Enjoy! 

At Kentico, we love to do things a little… differently than the rest. In honor of this fine tradition of doing things the Kentico way, let’s give this blog a rhyme scheme to help you get through your difficult day : )

It was a wonderful Saturday on October the 11th, and everything in the town of Jevišovka seemed rather pleasant. It was that great time of year once again, for us to plant trees with all of our friends. Now we don’t plant trees for bugs merely for fun… We plant them because you all reported one. But thanks to your identification of these software bugs, we went ahead and fixed your problems quickly you bunch of lugs. And we call you “lugs” only in good humor of course. To speak to our loving partners this way would be coarse! 

The town of Jevišovka is a pretty neat place. They have a rare type of bug that’s as big as your face! Only kidding, no it’s not. If they had a bug like this… we‘d pick a different spot. They really do have a rare type of bug that is creepy indeed. And an ecosystem with woodpeckers of three different breeds: Wrynecks, dendrocopos, and picus are their peculiar names, and come from the Picidae family ornithologists claim. Now, it wasn’t by any means a perfect day – a pest was around that slightly got in the way.

So without further ado, let me tell you about a mosquito… or two.

There were tons and tons of mosquitos around. We were swatting and slapping but they never left town. Alas, our small children and babies they had to stay home. The pesky mosquitos would have never left them alone! We planted and planted for four hours that day – the pesky mosquitos just wouldn’t go away. 

We planted fast and we planted hard, till the trees on the field covered every square yard. We planted willows, we planted oaks; what beautiful trees we planted, folks. We planted alders and we planted beeches – 250 trees sounds absolutely peaches! The 60 people planting were having a blast, but when you’re working hard time goes by fast. Despite the mosquitos we finished at 4, thank god we didn’t sleep there, they’d be hungry for more.

Thus once no tree was left astray, our planters set off to enjoy the rest of their day. Thanks for stopping by to read our blog – we enjoy planting trees to help fight air pollution and smog. 

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