We planted 120 trees in Blučina

Just a Perfect Day.

... While Lou Reed fed animals in the zoo, Kentico employees adopted a more progressive approach and planted 120 trees instead—in sync with our long tradition of setting a tree in the ground for every bug reported by our customers. Lucky enough to be part of a growing business, we were yet again happy to show our appreciation for feedback and give something back. This time, Blučina, a small town south of Brno, was the lucky community.

The weather could not have been better or the mood of the more than 50 participating Kentico employees together with their families and pets. The day was not short of miracles, from all the developers working outdoors with surprising skillfulness to a senior Labrador, Valina, running around swiftly like a puppy.

The work was done with the great support of local voluntary firefighters, who not only provided thorough instruction and lent a hand whenever needed, but also encouraged the children to explore every hidden secret of their equipment, thereby giving the parents much needed time to breathe every now and then.

After the bank of the local pond had been planted with those 120 saplings of five tree varieties and we took our time to enjoy the satisfaction of a meaningful job well-done, the group headed to a local restaurant for lunch. On the way back home, one could simply sing along with a wide grin on their face: what a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you!

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