ZFP Gold

By PUXdesign, Czech Republic
ZFP Gold

Part of the ZFP Group, which focuses on financial consultancy, investments, or energy services, ZFP Gold is engaged in brokering and selling gold. All ZFP subsidiaries’ websites are built on Kentico, which greatly reduced the development time and cost of the entire solution.

increase in contract revenues

Online store customized and connected to a Gold Price Index

The e-shop customization oscillates primarily around the possibility of selling different products such as gold and gift items, in terms of price, VAT, and calculation of merchants’ commission. 

Gold price data is obtained from the Austrian company Schoeller Münzhandel, graphical data of the unfolding price of gold in Czech crowns and euros is retrieved from Quandl, and the currency rates are obtained from Raiffeisenbank. 

As the price of gold changes during each day, PUXdesign developed a functionality, based on Kentico, which allows counting and recording of client's overpayments. ZFP Gold must return this overpayment to the client and the functionality designed by PUXdesign makes it possible to do this. ZFP Gold also offers a ‘saving' facility where the client can pay for gold bars in several payments. PUXdesign modified the overpayment functionality for this ‘saving’ option.


PUXdesign first prepared the Slovak version in November and December 2018, which served as a pilot page for only a selected group of traders. During this time, e-shop users made purchases worth around €300,000. In the two months post-launch, the volume of gold that was sold was worth €1 million euro.

The new website of ZFP Gold CZ was launched at the beginning of March 2019. A comparison between the period  March 01–May 31, 2019, and the same period in 2018 produced these results:

increase in the number of signed-off contracts




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