This is Eindhoven

Site of the Year 2021
This is Eindhoven
Travel & Tourism is the vibrant, new website of Eindhoven365, marketing agency of the Dutch city of Eindhoven. The now 13-strong team wanted to build stronger connections with its target groups through more effective campaigns and personalized content.

increase in page views per session

Becoming the go-to site for Eindhoven  

Eindhoven365 sought the help of Aviva Solutions, a full-service digital agency, Kentico Gold Partner and Kentico Quality Expert. Together, they agreed that technically and functionally, Kentico with its commerce capabilities is the perfect solution to help the marketing firm achieve its goals.  


Eindhoven365 wanted a more centralized approach to marketing, content management and commerce and the ability to optimize every touchpoint with personalized content. As they knew how important website performance was in delivering a good user experience, they also made this a key priority.  


The Aviva team started by determining which digital solutions were required and how to shape the UX strategy. They selected:

  • Kentico
  • Aviva Solutions Starterkit & Components
  • Azure Search
  • React
  • .Net Core.  

Kentico provided the centralized approach to all things marketing and e-commerce that Eindhoven365 needed. The website was designed to leverage all its powerful online marketing features: Campaigns, Contact Management, A/B Testing, Personalization, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Web Analytics, and Personas. Tips by locals page

Content editors can self-sufficiently leverage reusable components and widgets to personalize marketing pages and they can collect first-party data to optimize every touchpoint.

To extend the functionalities even further, the implementation team chose to integrate the platform with several other technologies including online payment provider Mollie, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, Google Maps, Soundcloud and YouTube. Integration with Azure Search enables extremely efficient visitor searches.

The new website was developed using the .Net Core development framework as it focuses on increasing performance.


The Aviva team collaborated with Eindhoven-based creative design agency George&Harrison on the look and feel of the website, as well as a new structure which makes content much faster and easier to find. Each page has its own vibe, with colors selected from a carefully curated brand palette, but still fits the overall identity of the site.  

The website was released during Dutch Design Week, one of Eindhoven’s busiest periods. Work and Study page


Now attracting an average of 75,000 visitors each month, the website comprises a significant part of Eindhoven365’s city marketing strategy. Easy to use and visually appealing on all devices, the contemporary and fresh design, chosen color scheme, and unique tone of voice embody the energy of Eindhoven. e-commerce

Since the launch, there have been some impressive results proving that is on its way to becoming the go-to website for residents and visitors alike. These include a 55% increase in page views per session, a 20% increase in session time, and a bounce rate reduced to 58%. The click-through rate to external partner sites, one of the main performance indicators for the project, has increased by 112%.

Going forward, the team will use gathered data from each touchpoint to further optimize the website and progressively increase conversion rates. More high-quality data will also feed more successful marketing and email campaigns.  

Site of the Year 2021

Having wowed the public with its vibrant design, flawless UX, and outstanding performance, won the Community Choice award and the Entertainment & Hospitality category of Kentico Site of the Year 2021, receiving the highest number of votes in the public vote.

Rico van Lent
Rico van Lent
Digital Marketing & E-commerce Consultant

“As the city marketing organization for the city of Eindhoven, we are thrilled to receive this acknowledgement from Kentico. The icing on the cake for the combined efforts of Aviva Solutions, George&Harrison and the team here at Eindhoven365.”

increase in session time
bounce rate
increase in CTR to external partner sites

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