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Aviva Solutions is a digital agency and Kentico Gold Partner with a focus on digital growth. With in-house experts in strategy, design, development, business, and marketing, clients get the support they need at every step of their digital maturity journey.

Site of the Year awards

We love to put our expertise and skills to work to create websites, e-commerce shops, and user platforms that far exceed our customers’ expectations. With over 16 years of experience, Aviva Solutions has an impressive track record creating digital experiences with Kentico. That experience has led to an award-winning three-step project approach that allows clients to create value with Kentico straight from the start. In addition to being a longtime Kentico Gold Partner and Quality Expert, we are proud to have a team of Kentico Certified Developers and Marketers, as well as one of just two Kentico Xperience Marketing MVPs in house.

Why Kentico.

At Aviva Solutions we adhere to a technology-agnostic approach. It’s all about what’s the best fit for the individual client—be it a headless, traditional, or composable digital experience platform. We love working with Kentico because they have different products that fit a wide range of business needs. If you want to go full SaaS, they have Xperience by Kentico. If you want a fully stocked DXP, Kentico Xperience 13 is the best product out there.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets behind our 16-year strong collaboration?

Bart Hoppe, CEO, and Roel Kuik, Kentico Practice Lead at Aviva Solutions and Kentico MVP, unveil their dynamic approach to Kentico and how it has empowered them to create digital growth for our clients.

Aviva Solutions: Why we work with Kentico

With Bart Hoppe and Roel Kuik

The benefits of partnering with Kentico.

There’s a lot of software vendors that offer digital experience platforms, each with their own brilliant marketing story. Kentico is one of few vendors that actually delivers on their promise with scalable, easy-to-use solutions that enable marketers to create the best possible user experience without costly development for each change. We love how Kentico makes our projects predictable in both resources and Time to Market as it allows us to pass on this predictability to our clients and to finish projects on time and within budget.  

Looking ahead.

Kentico and Aviva Solutions have been strong partners for many years. We’ve done amazing projects leveraging Kentico Xperience that have led to several Site of the Year awards. Our experience with Kentico has earned us a seat on the Kentico Advisory Board, a testament to our partnership. We look forward to growing the digital maturity of our clients even further leveraging the complete technology set that Kentico offers.

Bart Hoppe
CEO of Aviva Solutions

"The reason we consider Kentico an excellent product, and our clients do too, is because it offers a plethora of out-of-the-box functionalities. Its user-friendliness allows clients to grasp it instantly, enabling us to quickly extract the maximum potential from the digital experience platform together. This is how we achieve success."

Benjamin Franklin
VP Channel at Kentico

"We have cultivated a strong partnership based on collaboration, aimed at achieving optimal results for our shared clients. Aviva consistently delivers exceptional work, leveraging Kentico's marketing functionality to elevate our clients' digital maturity and maximize their investment. In addition to their technical prowess, Aviva's team embodies trustworthiness, diligence, and a delightful business demeanor, making every interaction a truly enjoyable experience."


Looking back over the past 16 years, the results have been overwhelming. Switching to Kentico for our own corporate website and leveraging the digital marketing features to support our marketing efforts has probably been the biggest game changer of them all.

Discover your digital experience maturity with Aviva Solutions. 

The ability to deliver seamless digital experiences and leverage your DXP tools efficiently is dependent on your digital experience maturity.

This online calculator will help guide you through Kentico’s digital experience maturity model and its individual criteria, step by step. You’ll focus on various aspects of your business, such as to the extent to which you utilize analytical tools, your approach to content design, and how big your marketing team is.

By answering 13 questions, you’ll get a tailored assessment for your business, detailing your individual level of digital maturity and what it means for you. You’ll also learn what your optimal path to digital growth looks like and how to kick-start it right away with Aviva Solutions services.

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