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Over the past few years, LivaNova has expanded its impact to over 100 countries. In the middle of such rapid business growth, the company found itself tangled in a web of complexity. To tame the chaos and restore order, LivaNova consolidated its websites into a single, powerful Kentico platform. Their story is a perfect example of successfully unifying a large digital presence while maintaining a strong local market position.

increase in organic traffic

How a multinational company reinforced its strengths by unifying its websites

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Case study

Meet the people behind the new website


LivaNova is a global medical technology company providing innovative treatments for many conditions affecting the head and heart. Their websites were running in several different platforms which blocked efficient work with content across the sites and the teams were working in silos.  

But each of LivaNova's brands had already established its online presence, including strong SEO. No wonder the company wanted to leverage that! So, its team turned to BlueModus, Kentico Gold Partner, with the decision to unify its brand identity and consolidate all its websites into one platform.  

These were the main goals: 

  • Offering a cohesive experience for patients, caregivers, and care providers
  • As healthcare is a highly regulated industry, security compliance was a major factor in the decision-making
  • Each marketing team across the world needed to manage their own content around their products and therapeutic area
  • The unifying brand guidelines and standards had to be used across all the sites
  • Non-technical editors needed to update their content independently


Security, flexibility, and stability, that’s what LivaNova was looking for. And Kentico digital experience platform ticked all the boxes. Its robust, ready-to-use features and user-friendly interface empower each marketing team to tell their story while staying true to their brand.  

The sites are built in several languages, addressing diverse audiences worldwide. 

The “Find a doctor” app helps users find a local care provider and the leads from this app are tracked with built-in analytics. Kentico’s features for cookie consent and GDPR compliance carefully protect the global patients’ personal data.

LivaNova Find a Doctor page

Editors gained an intuitive environment that requires no coding skills.  

All LivaNova’s marketers now build pages in an intuitive visual editor called Page Builder, so they can instantly see what the result will look like.

Testimonials and articles are filled in predefined form fields as structured content, which is a super-fast way to add content without repeatedly setting up the same design. And when the team needs to place a new form on the site, they use Kentico’s drag-and-drop Form Builder. It’s as easy as that.

Such a big marketing team also needs to give everyone the right level of access and revise each piece of content before it goes live. For that, they set up advanced workflows and versioning which is perfect for keeping the brand messaging under control and reinforcing the security measures.

Cara Jordan Hugghins
Cara Jordan Hugghins
Digital Communication Director

As a global business, we have decentralized marketing teams, we have a lot of regulatory needs, and so there’s a lot that we need to take into consideration from the business perspective. Kentico has allowed us to build a solid platform that respects regulatory requirements and the needs of our patients from region to language.


Bringing all the subsidiary brands under a single domain had a fantastic impact on traffic: sessions and users more than doubled in a year! Organic traffic increased by 200%, while direct traffic and other sources increased by 50%. These results indicate that the domain strategy paid off. Lastly, the move to the latest technology translated into a 20% improvement in overall average page load time and a 40% improvement in download time.

Do you also struggle with a cumbersome cobweb of websites? Learn how you can unify them for better results. Get in touch and let's write the next success story together! 

increase in direct traffic
improvement in average page load time
improvement in download time



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