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Do you want to maximize your potential with Kentico? With this subscription marketers and developers get the support they need to leverage the full potential of a DXP. Subscribe, and we give you a year of unlimited access to the whole range of our courses so you can develop your expertise at your own pace.

Who should take this course?

This subscription saves money to big companies that need training for multiple employees in different roles. Developers, website administrators, editors, and marketers will all discover Kentico's capabilities and learn how to use them.

What will you learn?

We provide courses for Kentico Xperience 13 and for Kentico 12 built with MVC and Portal Engine. You'll learn how to manage content and run digital marketing activities on a Kentico websites, as well as how to:

  • Add or edit content on an website.
  • Personalize content on your website.
  • Set up marketing campaigns.
  • Score your contact based on their sales readiness.
  • Analyze the traffic on your website.
  • Present content on a high-performing MVC front-end website.
  • Add custom functionality to the Kentico administration.
  • Build infrastructure that lets visitors register and access secured sections of the front-end.
  • Create reusable UIs for your live site.
  • Implement basic caching.
  • Get recognized as a certified Kentico Developer and a certified Kentico Marketer. 

This subscription gives you access to these courses:

Each course has different experience and technology requirements.

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