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Site of the Year 2021

For its many customers, the E.ON CZ website is the main touchpoint with the company and plays a vital role in its overall digital ecosystem. The company needed a more independent way of managing it while ensuring consistency with the brand. Kentico provided the perfect tool for easy content management and sophisticated digital marketing.

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Kentico success story

Customer-centric digital experience for E.ON

Self-sufficiency and user simplicity

E.ON CZ is one of the largest energy suppliers in the Czech Republic, serving its 1.4 million customers via its 66,000 km of power lines and 4,000 km of gas networks. Part of the E.ON Group since 2004, the company has over 1000 employees and a market share of almost 20% in electricity supply to southern Bohemia and Moravia and 8% in gas supply across the Czech Republic. 

With a focus on sustainable development, efficiency and prudent use of natural resources, E.ON encourages its customers to choose electricity from 100% renewable sources.


The company had been reliant on a third party for the upkeep and updating of their website and needed a more self-sufficient way of managing it while still ensuring consistency with the overall E.ON brand. The tone of the content needed lightening and the structure simplifying. And the website needed to provide a fast digital service for existing customers to access the Energie24 self-service portal.  

E.ON CZ therefore looked for a digital experience platform that met the following criteria:  

  • Cloud-native platform with a good price-performance ratio
  • Sufficient network of implementation partners on the local market  
  • Modular structure that enabled a flexible approach  
  • The possibility of administration and development by both external and internal IT capacities
  • Ease of use for in-house editors with MS Office knowledge level  

E.ON CZ and their implementation partners, Bluesoft Bootiq Group, chose Kentico because it was a proven DXP platform whose functionality provided a solid foundation for the project.

Goals for the new website included:  

  • A simpler structure for the website, with lighter content
  • The design and tone should be in accordance with the E.ON brand
  • It should provide an easy way for customers to access the Energie24 self-service portal
  • It should support the acquisition of new customers across segments
  • It should help optimize cross-sell and upsell opportunities


Kentico is the perfect solution because it brings the sophisticated marketing features E.ON CZ needed and the entire solution is wrapped in an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface that helped the team take full ownership of their content.

 Some of the tools used are:  
CMS: The Page Builder in Kentico made content management simple for the in-house team and enabled editors to personalize content to better target site visitors.)

A/B testing: The A/B testing feature is used to optimize specific elements within widgets on the page (CTA buttons, headlines, etc.) including a custom floating CTA bar that returns the customer to the main page via an anchor.

Contact groups: Users of the website were categorized based on where they came from: verified E.ON clients (those that arrived from the Energie24 application) and other website visitors. Custom content was then created for these two groups.  

Personalization: Built-in content personalization tools enable headlines, links and buttons to automatically adjust based on the pre-assigned contact group of the user in order to boost conversions.

Email marketing: Tailor-made autoresponder emails were set up to be triggered by a customer sending in a form.  

Bluesoft used the latest ASP.NET Core technology and integrated Kentico with SAP PI and MS Dynamics 365 to send lead forms from the website to SAP PI and then from SAP PI to MS Dynamics 365. Thanks to the extensibility of the Kentico data protection module the team also integrated the DXP with an external cookie consent management tool.  

In terms of design and UX, the new website strictly adheres to the E.ON brand manual in its translation to digital solutions. The guiding principles were user simplicity, clarity and engaging customers, so they spend more time on the site.  


Kentico brings not only an intuitive content management that the content editors can manage by themselves, but also important digital marketing features. Content is now automatically personalized and transactional e-mails are sent automatically based on defined triggers.  

There are several tailor-made wizards on the website, including an online calculator linked up with the company’s online contract negotiation as well as guides to energy processes, like registering and managing a supply point.

E.ON carries out a Net Promoter Score (NPS) test every six months to ascertain how many of its customers would recommend the new site to the people they care about. Thanks to the new website and continuous improvements, E.ON’s NPS increased by 22 points in the first six months, putting the company in first place compared to the competition.  

The new site also scored significantly better in Google performance metrics, nearly doubling. In total, 121,000 leads were acquired via the site in the first half of the year and its cross-sell and upsell results have also improved.  

Michal Hátle, Head of Digital, E.ON CZ
Michal Hátle
Head of Digital

“The result of the new website built in Kentico exceeded my expectations. The site is helping us meet our sales and customer service goals, and the business stakeholders are very satisfied. Thanks to everyone, the external suppliers and the internal business and IT team for a job well done. Great success!”

Site of the Year 2021

The superb, new E.ON CZ website won the Industrial Manufacturing category of the Kentico Site of the Year 2021 award.




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