Visual Studio Integration

If you're familiar with Visual Studio, you can develop Kentico websites in this environment. Kentico is a standard ASP.NET web project, which means you can open and modify with Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 or with free Visual Studio Express. You can extend it with your .NET code, put it into a version control system, and debug it.

 Visual Studio Integration

Integration with Visual Studio Toolbox and Intellisense

Kentico integrates with Visual Studio toolbox, so you can drag and drop Kentico controls on your pages. You can also use Visual Studio Intellisense when using Kentico API and see descriptions of its methods.

Ready-to-Use Visual Studio Item Templates for Kentico

Kentico item templates for Visual Studio allow you to create new:

  • page templates
  • master pages
  • web parts and widgets
  • form controls
  • filter controls
  • inline controls
  • user controls

Choose the Tools

With Kentico, you have a choice of developing through an intuitive browser-based interface or using Visual Studio. While the browser-based interface is easy for web designers without deep .NET knowledge, experienced developers can leverage their existing experience and use Visual Studio and other tools, or you can even combine both of these approaches within a single website.

Developing for Windows Azure

Using our Windows Azure Deployment Package, you can deploy your websites directly from the Visual Studio onto the Microsoft Azure platform. Just follow the Kentico Microsoft Azure Guide to successfully deploy your websites in a few steps.

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