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Positive is an integrated digital marketing company that focuses on generating increased revenues for clients. They have been around for nearly 20 years and provide a full service offering from web design and build to performance marketing, SEO, and content marketing and UX insights all via analytics and research.

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Positive is a results driven organization that focus on developing long term partnerships with their clients to help them deliver on commercial goals through the creation and optimization of digital assets and online channels. 

Their Positive People are highly skilled, and are armed with innovative teams of creative thinkers, designers and writers, technical individuals, and channel delivery experts. They have built Positive around the principles of ‘The Power of Collective Thinking’ as they believe that the best way to serve clients is to provide them with a strength and depth of smart people who are able to challenge thinking and problem solve in all areas of the digital mix. 

They understand that it is not ‘just’ about a new website, it is about bringing together all aspects of digital experience marketing (DXM) rather than developing areas in isolation. Their approach challenges assumptions and preconceptions that ideas and deliveries must come from specific teams or departments within the agency or client. 

Why Kentico.

"As an integrated digital agency, Positive are technology agnostic and we place great emphasis on our process to understand your challenges and goals to make appropriate recommendations that are the best fit for individual requirements. However, we, and our clients, love working with Kentico. The digital experience platform (DXP) offers comprehensive CMS and digital marketing capabilities that delivers on essential features and a suite of online marketing tools enabling businesses to craft digital solutions that elevate customer experiences. 

After delivering hundreds of websites and digital projects, we would go so far to say that for the majority of clients we work with, Kentico is the best fit because it ticks all the boxes. Kentico's DXP is recognized as an industry leader by Gartner, and it is highly regarded for its ease of use, advanced functionalities, rapid time-to-value, and unwavering support. "

The benefits of partnering with Kentico.

"As an organization, Kentico offers a competitive and transparent pricing model, a clear technology roadmap, and a long-term strategy of what they want to achieve and how they want to support and empower their customers."

Looking ahead.

"Positive and Kentico have been working together as strong partners for many years and, together, have delivered great projects to a variety of different industries. We are proud to be recognized as a Gold Partner, winning many awards, and securing a position on the Kentico Advisory Board. 

We are very excited about the future as we continue to service and grow our existing customer base by continuing to invest in our B2B practice to help empower complex organizations by delivering effective digital marketing strategies, with a renewed focus on the industrial manufacturing sector.  

We continue to work closely with Kentico and our clients to support the migration and upgrade path from Kentico Xperience 13 to Xperience by Kentico as well as helping organizations wishing to re-platform from large, cumbersome and expensive DXPs. 

We remain committed to retaining our position as one of the top Kentico partners in the UK, Europe and Worldwide."

Benjamin Franklin
VP Channel at Kentico

"Over the years, our collaboration with Positive has yielded countless outstanding projects across diverse industries. Their dedication to their clients has resulted in many successful digital experiences that have led to numerous awards. We look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership with Positive."

Julian Reiter
Founder of Positive

"For Positive, we believe that one of the most important stakeholders when assessing a website platform and its implementation, are the content managers and editors. If a CMS is difficult to use, it doesn’t get used, content doesn’t get updated, websites see a drop in traffic and engagement and companies don’t achieve their goals. We hear time and time again from our clients how great Kentico is to use and work with, but that it doesn’t spare on functionality and depth and breadth of capability. This all means that companies can focus on what is important and they can innovate faster."

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