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By Zeroseven, Australia
NTI Limited
Transport & Logistics

NTI is Australia's leading transport and logistics specialist company, supplying tailored insurance solutions for transport, freight, logistics and construction businesses. 

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Smooth migrations: many into one

NTI wanted to consolidate its individual product websites into one umbrella site that would represent the company’s full portfolio. However, NTI was concerned about putting all its eggs in one digital basket, where an outage would mean their entire online presence would be dark. The company also required that its marketing teams across brands would each be able to continue to edit their own content without any complications or steep learning curve.


The most significant challenge for the Zeroseven team was consolidating content, widgets and forms from the individual sites as they were not all built on the same platform. While the use of Kentico was common, some were built using the Portal Engine and others with MVC architecture. 

With the more scalable MVC platform becoming industry standard, it was decided that the new site be built on an MVC platform. It should allow for the migration of content from the individual sites as well as the smooth integration of widgets, forms and social media accounts. Also, the platform should enable further integrations in the future. 

In order to create a more consistent user experience across brands and give NTI the flexibility to easily add brands and products in the future, the individual brands would all share a uniform layout and use the same features and widgets. However, it was also essential to set them apart visually and clearly reflect the differences between them, so that users always felt confident they were in the right part of the website. 


Using Kentico, Zeroseven was able to meet all of the project’s objectives while also delivering a responsive design across mobile devices and desktops.  

The solution’s new and improved MVC features, including the Form Builder and visual Page Builder, enabled the team to recreate all the widgets, APIs, and forms from the Portal Engine-based sites without sacrificing any functionality.    

Kentico’s dedicated 24/7 support team were on hand to assuage NTI’s outage concerns, also pointing out the significant benefits of maintaining just one Kentico site (instead of many) in terms of licensing fees, upgrades and patches.

The flexibility of the solution made it easy to delineate each of the brands using color.  

After the gradual decommissioning of the old sites is complete, the NTI Marketing team will be able to easily create campaigns to inform customers of the transition—all within one simple and streamlined solution, without any complications or training.


The new NTI website launched in January 2021 and its performance has been excellent, providing customers (and potential customers) with engaging user experiences through an elegantly structured and functionality-rich website.

The client says:  

Kate Nolan, Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Specialist at NTI:

“The team at ZeroSeven were critical in creating a central home for all NTI specialist lines that were being treated and hosted as separate brands. Utilizing Kentico, the team created navigation, page layout and custom widgets that were the main requirements to ensure the digital customer experience of NTI brokers and customers was constant and easy to navigate.”  

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