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DHB Bank

DHB Bank is a top financial institution dedicated to providing high-quality products and services to residential customers in European markets and international businesses in selected countries. DHB Bank's move into the digital future proves their commitment to putting customer needs first and leading innovation in finance.  

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Leading in finance with customer centricity 

In 2023, DHB Bank started looking for an experienced partner to improve its online presence by upgrading four existing websites to the latest version of Kentico. But it wasn't just a technical upgrade; it was also about rethinking how users interact with the bank online and improving the overall user experience. 

DHB Bank's longstanding preference for Kentico speaks volumes about the platform's user-friendliness and reliability. Opting for Kentico for this project was a natural decision, driven by the platform’s versatility, multilingual support, ready-to-use features, and effortless scalability. Kentico’s robust capabilities in content management, marketing features, and adaptability would empower DHB Bank to seamlessly manage its multiple websites, tailor content, and adjust user roles with ease.

This transition wasn't merely a technical shift; it was a strategic move aligning with DHB Bank's growth trajectory—enhancing their digital footprint while revolutionizing how they interacted with customers.


DHB Bank enlisted Aviva Solutions to implement the upgrade, revamp the outdated design, and refresh the textual content of their four websites. Their aim was to elevate the websites' role in customer acquisition, emphasizing the customer journey and lifecycle. They sought to provide enhanced support and guidance, leveraging storytelling to boost engagement and bolster customer trust. By doing so, they anticipated a reduction in inquiries, emails, and phone calls, while gaining deeper customer insights.

The primary challenge lay in upgrading and redesigning DHB Bank's four existing websites to the latest version of Kentico. Each website catered to a different audience: the Corporate site targeted businesses, while the Dutch and German sites featured calculators to drive user engagement. The Belgian site had its own set of calculator requirements. Customizing the solution to meet the diverse objectives of each site was pivotal, encompassing everything from language-specific content to unique user experiences.

Of course, security remained paramount throughout the development process.

“As a bank our top priority is security and Kentico has met all our expectations in that regard for more than 15 years.” - Engin Asar, Business Analyst.


Aviva leveraged Kentico to enable DHB Bank to create shared components usable across all four sites, while still allowing for variations with separate components and styling. This grants DHB Bank and its content editors greater flexibility in constructing and organizing pages to suit their preferences. Components that were previously exclusive to, say, the Belgian site can now be utilized for products on other country-specific sites as well.

DHB Bank tailor-made financing

DHB Bank utilizes Kentico's Forms and content workflows with versioning, alongside its robust search solution, which enhances search optimization for website visitors and bank clients by enabling comprehensive content searches across each entire site. Aviva seamlessly integrated calculators, a cookie bar, and highlighted cards into the Kentico platform.

To retrieve data about loans and interest rates based on user input, DHB Bank's internal banking system was integrated, allowing the bank to calculate prices for customers. React components were employed to fetch loan and interest rate information based on customer loans and savings details.

Integration with Google Tag Manager facilitated accurate measurement of customer behavior, which was translated into insightful data in Google Analytics 4. Aviva's team also configured advanced measurement analyses and reports to assist DHB Bank in optimizing their performance.

DHB Bank loan calculator in French


Engin Asar
Business Analyst
DHB Bank

“Security is of the utmost importance for our bank. That's why we sought a partner with expertise and a proven track record in the financial sector. Aviva Solutions, as a Kentico Gold Partner, distinguishes itself with the best approach and project planning, presenting themselves as a professional, reliable, and experienced Kentico partner."

The project launched in January 2024, and the implementation of the new websites has delivered significant positive results and garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from users, who commend the enhanced design, functionality, and overall ease of navigation and information access.

By enhancing user experience through multiple calls to action, clear product overviews, and convenient shortcuts on pages, user engagement has markedly improved.
The outcomes speak for themselves:

  • Page views have surged by 45%.
  • Conversion rates have seen a notable uptick of 15%.

These results collectively underscore the success of the websites, demonstrating their positive impact on user engagement, conversion rates, and the organization's overall online presence.

DHB Bank is poised for continued successful growth, with Kentico seamlessly adapting to their evolving business goals. Aviva and DHB Bank are collaboratively charting the next phase of the project: their digital marketing roadmap.

Perhaps you're also considering modernizing your website, but you're stalling because of potential hurdles. So, let us guide you through the process, and let's write the next success story together! Get in touch today.

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