Kentico revealed major news at its Connection 2023 event about its unique hybrid headless DXP

Kentico revealed major news at its Connection 2023 event about its unique hybrid headless DXP

Oct 26, 2023
Kentico revealed major news at its Connection 2023 event about its unique hybrid headless DXP

Brno, CZ & Bedford, NH, October 26, 2023— Kentico, leaders in the digital experience industry with its composable hybrid headless digital experience platform (DXP), brought the curtains down on a successful and insightful Kentico Connection 2023 event in Brno and Nashville. 

Kentico’s groundbreaking composable hybrid headless DXP, Xperience by Kentico, has been on the market for a year now. The platform has redefined the possibilities for businesses seeking to enhance their digital presence and customer engagement. The new product updates strengthen its unique focus on multichannel delivery and boosting the productivity of marketing teams. The platform also brings the benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service) as an option and seeks to help companies gain control of their overly complex tech stacks through consolidation. 

With the plethora of MarTech on the scene and customer expectations forever on the move, tech stacks are becoming prohibitively complex. In this landscape, consolidation is paramount,” says Dominik Pinter, CEO of Kentico. “Xperience by Kentico enables upper mid-market and midsize enterprises to consolidate their tech stacks and regain optimal return on investment.” 

Kentico also introduced the platform’s first built-in AI feature which simplifies email content creation while allowing for customizations and brand tone. Generative AI prepares subject lines and body content based on existing material, enabling AI-powered content reusability across channels. The company plans to continue improving customer efficiency by regularly adding more AI-powered features. 

Kentico's remarkable growth and dedication to customer satisfaction 

Kentico's commitment to delivering tailored services to first adopters and providing a smooth migration path from its Kentico Xperience 13 offering has proved hugely successful, paving the way for the company's impressive 42% growth in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) over the past 12 months. This financial success proves traction in the market and underscores Kentico's ability to deliver tangible value to its clients. The company's dedication to exceptional customer satisfaction remains a cornerstone of its business philosophy, with 98% of clients on G2 endorsing the company's product direction.  

 “Our great success over the past year is a testament to our unwavering commitment to empowering marketers to achieve more with less and deliver superior business results,” says Pinter. “The resounding vote of confidence from the market reaffirms Kentico's status as a leader in the industry and we now put our energies into scaling our efforts to benefit even more businesses.” 

Pinter also introduced Kentico’s new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Bill Cunningham, to attendees—an appointment that underscores the company’s dedication to driving growth and success for its valued partners and clients. With a SaaS background, Cunningham is keen to grow Kentico’s SaaS offering and is committed to the company’s strategy of enhancing agency intimacy.  

MarTech insights and Xperience by Kentico success stories 

A highlight of the event was Nashville guest keynote speaker Scott Brinker, Editor at, sharing the 2023 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic that he created with Frans Riemersma (Founder of Martech Tribe and a guest keynote speaker at the Brno event). Brinker talked about marketing and MarTech in the age of AI, while Riemersma delved into current MarTech trends and how companies are embracing them. A key theme was the increase in complexity of MarTech and other tech stacks and how companies are struggling to keep up with the ever shifting and advancing customer expectations of personalized multichannel experiences across devices.  

Kentico's own experts showcased Xperience by Kentico and how users can leverage its full power to craft, manage, and deliver exceptional digital experiences. Many partners and clients were also keen to be involved and gave presentations sharing their reasons for choosing Xperience by Kentico and the results they have seen in just a few months. First customers of the new hybrid-headless platform include Mainz05, Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, The Parking Spot, Mouser Electronics, and Globe Life. 

About Kentico and Kentico Connection  

Kentico Connection is an annual gathering that unites Kentico's partners and clients for a dynamic two-day exploration of digital experience strategies, best practices, and real-world instances of delivering outstanding digital experiences with Kentico's DXP solutions. With a rich tapestry of presentations, interactive discussions, and live demonstrations, Kentico Connection stands out as a premier DXP event, making it indispensable for C-level executives wanting to up their digital game. 

Kentico is an award-winning provider of digital experience platforms that enable businesses to drive better outcomes with fewer resources using a hybrid headless approach for multichannel digital experiences. Its digital experience platform (DXP), Xperience by Kentico, minimizes overhead by focusing on real customer needs. With a wide set of capabilities, it empowers teams to deliver better customer experiences through multiple channels faster. Kentico offers market-leading support, SaaS or on-premises deployment, and is backed by a global network of implementation partners.  

Kentico was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in the Czech Republic with offices in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia. Kentico has more than 500 digital solution partners and powers over 35,000 websites across 120 countries. Customers working with Kentico include Allergan, Ingram Micro, Konica Minolta, Land O’ Lakes, PPG, and Red Cross.

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