Kentico appoints Bill Cunningham as Chief Revenue Officer

Kentico appoints Bill Cunningham as Chief Revenue Officer

Oct 4, 2023
Kentico appoints Bill Cunningham as Chief Revenue Officer

Brno, CZ & Bedford, NH, October 4, 2023Kentico, a leading provider of digital experience platforms (DXPs), is pleased to announce the appointment of Bill Cunningham as its new Chief Revenue Officer. In this role, Bill will play a pivotal role in shaping Kentico's commercial strategy, fostering growth, and strengthening the alignment between marketing and sales functions.   

SaaS and agency intimacy 

Bill Cunningham brings a wealth of experience to Kentico, with a strong background in website experimentation and conversion optimization. His previous company SiteSpect frequently encountered Kentico's solutions in their implementations, recognizing the platform's popularity and success. 

In the previous fiscal year, Kentico has achieved an impressive 47% growth in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), and with the launch of its innovative platform, Xperience by Kentico, is determined to continue scaling its success. Xperience by Kentico represents the future of digital experience platforms (DXPs) and stands as the only true single-vendor composable DXP with a unique multichannel hybrid headless approach. 

I’m excited to welcome Bill to our leadership team. His experience will help us to execute our commercial growth strategy, bringing our unique platform to the market after successful adoption among first partners and end clients. Bill proved his ability to scale similar companies and we are looking forward to leveraging his knowledge” commented Dominik Pinter, the CEO of Kentico, on his choice to appoint Bill Cunningham to this role. 

Speaking about his decision to join Kentico, Bill Cunningham stated, "The opportunity in the marketplace for Kentico to expand was very interesting to me. The move to a SaaS platform is something that is exciting to me. I come from a SaaS background and having been through this type of growth before and seen these product transitions before, I was excited about the opportunity that it presented. And then meeting the people that I've met over the course of the process of coming onboard just made it a more attractive opportunity.

Bill Cunningham's vision for Kentico aligns with its commitment to being an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy tool that empowers marketers and developers to achieve their goals. He emphasized the importance of digital transformation and exploitation, enabling organizations to leverage opportunities in the market effectively. 

Regarding the vital role of agency intimacy in Kentico's success, Bill Cunningham emphasized, "Agency intimacy is vital for our success. Those companies in the space who are just selling the software and relying on the customer to do it themselves will be finding themselves with very high churn rates because the product itself isn't enough. You have to have the support in place, and you have to have the capabilities in place.

Bill Cunningham's extensive career in B2B software has witnessed a significant transformation in product capabilities and delivery mechanisms. He expressed excitement about the shift to a SaaS-focused world, where users expect ease of access and rapid implementation. 

A vision for Kentico 

Commenting on the synergy between sales and marketing teams, Bill Cunningham stressed the importance of transparency and a strong feedback loop to ensure both teams work in harmony, generating leads and driving revenue effectively. 

In his role as Chief Revenue Officer, Bill Cunningham will be responsible for Kentico's go-to-market strategy and the execution of sales and marketing playbooks, ensuring a unified and consistent message reaches the marketplace. 

Kentico welcomes Bill Cunningham to the team and looks forward to his valuable contributions in driving the company's growth and success in the evolving digital experience platform landscape. 

About Kentico  

Kentico is an award-winningprovider of digital experience platforms that enable businesses to drive better outcomes with fewer resources using a hybrid headless approach for multichannel digital experiences. Its digital experience platform (DXP), Xperience by Kentico, minimizes overhead by focusing on real customer needs. With a wide set of capabilities, it empowers teams to deliver better customer experiences through multiple channels faster. Kenticooffers market-leading support, SaaS or on-premises deployment, and is backed by a global network of implementation partners. 

Kentico was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in the Czech Republic with offices in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia. Kentico has more than 500 digital solution partners and powers over 35,000 websites across 120 countries. Customers working with Kentico include Allergan, Ingram Micro, Konica Minolta, Land O’ Lakes, PPG, and Red Cross.

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