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Looking to boost customer experience as a manufacturer? Understand the importance of multichannel engagement and personalized content. Explore key considerations for choosing the right technology and learn how to identify high-ROI tools. Find all the insights in our focused manufacturing ebook!


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In this ebook, you will discover:

  • Where you’re not meeting customer expectations 
  • The benefits of digital transformation for manufacturers 
  • Recommendations for increasing efficiency and revenue 
  • Steps for choosing the ideal solution  
  • Guidance on overcoming resistance to change 
  • Inspiring digital transformation success stories  

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ACTUM Digital and Kentico combine expertise in digital transformation and content management, enabling quick modernization and enhanced customer experiences. 

Their collaboration supports businesses in delivering personalized, engaging digital experiences efficiently.

Trusted by leading finance and manufacturing firms like Société Générale and Uponor, Actum Digital excel in large-scale projects with a multinational approach. 


125% increase in conversions

Stork enlisted ACTUM to build them a customer-centric website on Kentico that would improve engagement and leads. The project resulted in faster loading, 25% reduction in bounce rate, increased session duration and increased conversions. 


B2B Website for 40+ countries

Global manufacturer, Uponor, aimed to optimize costs by migrating 40+ websites from Sitecore and Drupal to Kentico. The site ACTUM built them enabled personalized experiences, integration with multiple systems, and brought cost savings.

AEG Powertools

59% increase in page views

The AEG Powertools wanted to improve product showcasing, content management, and facilitate a global rollout. Kentico personalization and marketing automation tools have helped them improve engagement and conversion rates.

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