WebDAV Support

The built-in support for WebDAV protocol in Kentico allows you to open, edit and save on-line files in a client application installed on your local computer, such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Paint and others. It allows you to open, edit and save changes directly to Kentico without additional steps.
 Saving from Word to Kentico

Open -> Edit -> Save

Editing files with WebDAV is completely straightforward:

  • click a button next to the file in the administration interface
  • the file opens in a client application according to its file type
  • after editing, you only click Save in the client application
  • the file gets uploaded automatically into Kentico 

Microsoft Word and Other Supported File Types

With Kentico, virtually any type of file can be edited using WebDAV. All that is required is a an application that supports the WebDAV protocol. Among others, WebDAV editing is supported by:

  • Microsoft Office - edit all types of Office documents, including Word, Excel or PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Paint (Windows 7 version) - edit images
  • Adobe Photoshop - edit images and advanced graphics
  • Adobe Acrobat 5 - edit PDF files
  • ... and many other free or commercial software products

Integration in the Administration Interface

WebDAV editing is available both on the live site and in the administration interface. In the admin UI, you can use it to edit files in website structure and document attachments. Another place in the UI where WebDAV editing is possible are dialogs of the WYSIWYG Editor.

Integration with Document Libraries for Intranets and Extranets

On the live site, WebDAV editing will most typicaly be used in Document libraries. All files stored in Document libraries can be edited using WebDAV, as long as the user has sufficient permissions for the action and a suitable client application installed.

Integration with User Contributions

Another live site integration of WebDAV editing can be found in the User contributions module. Files uploaded together with user-contributed content can be edited the same way as in all cases described above.

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