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ZAG Interactive is an award-winning, full-service digital agency offering strategy, design, development and marketing to hundreds of financial, healthcare and consumer clients nationwide.

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Why Kentico

ZAG has been building sites in Kentico for 10+ years because of the flexibility it offers, the ease of customization, the features it offers, and the robust support documentation. In addition, clients find Kentico easy to use, which makes their jobs easier. ZAG has chosen Kentico as a preferred web development platform for over a decade due to its remarkable flexibility, seamless customization capabilities, rich feature set, and comprehensive support documentation. Moreover, our clients consistently appreciate the user-friendly nature of Kentico, finding it not only easy to navigate but also a tool that significantly streamlines their tasks and responsibilities.

The benefits of partnering with Kentico

Partnering with Kentico brings numerous benefits to our clients. With over 100 sites built in this Content Management System (CMS), ZAG leverages its extensive experience to deliver the features our clients anticipate. Whether it's simple content management or intricate content personalization and integrations, Kentico empowers our clients with the technology they require. In addition, the assurance of a seasoned company supporting the platform adds an extra layer of confidence for our clients.

Looking ahead

ZAG will continue to build sites for our clients on this robust platform, and we look forward to updating clients’ sites and building new sites as the technology and platform evolves. We also look forward to continuing to give our perspective on how the platform should evolve to meet client and our business needs.


ZAG has continued to grow as a business and as a valued Kentico partner. Our work has been recognized consistently by Kentico, winning 4 Kentico Site of the Year awards in the Financial Services category, as well as 42 Kentico Site of the Month Awards (and counting).  ZAG regularly has double digital growth, expanding our client base to nearly 200 clients and completing about 20 new redesigns each year.

Michelle Brown
VP Sales & Marketing at ZAG

"As a full-service digital agency, Kentico has allowed ZAG to build custom, sophisticated websites that meet our evolving client needs. The combination of out-of-the-box features, along with its highly customizable nature and its exceptional support, is why we recommend it over and over to our clients. ZAG’s talented teams of strategists, marketers, developers, and more rely on Kentico for clients who are looking for a licensed .NET CMS solution that’s here to stay."

Essential tips from ZAG: Mastering DXP selection.

Michelle Brown, the VP of Marketing at ZAG Interactive, delves into the critical aspects of choosing the right DXP. Michelle offers expert insights into the selection process, emphasizing support, user-friendliness, stability, strategic roadmaps, and SEO.

ZAG Interactive

Mastering DXP selection

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