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WDM is a long-standing digital agency based on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia. We have developed a reputation for providing innovative and inspiring solutions that deliver results for our customers which includes local and global leading brands.

growth in revenue

Why Kentico

Kentico was a clear choice for WDM and our customers because it ticked all the boxes including a great support offering, breadth of features, ease of use, and ease of development. Lastly, Kentico’s business plans aligned incredibly well with ours. Their vision was realistic and as it turns out, really well aligned with the present and future market.

The benefits of partnering with Kentico

Ever since the introduction of the Kentico Xperience offering within Kentico, conversations with our customers have been very different. More than ever, websites play a very important role within a business’s sales cycle. When used correctly, Kentico's offering and price point represent great value which we’ve been able to prove time and time again as the experts in this area.

Looking ahead

The next two years are set to be very exciting for WDM with a range of interesting customer projects on the horizon! Currently, 45% of our customers use Kentico—we forecast an increase to more than 65% in the next two years.


Upon making the decision to adopt Kentico’s solutions as our primary offering in 2009, we had written a business plan that unintentionally aligned perfectly with theirs.

Profits have not only been attributed to adopting bigger projects and selling Kentico, it has also been a result of reducing development and design time as Kentico has progressed through different CMS versions introducing better interfaces, improved tools, and new adopted features.

Growth in revenue

year on year from 2015 to present

"From day one I knew Kentico was the right choice for my organization. They showed fantastic drive to get us on board initially and have done nothing but support WDM throughout our long relationship. Here’s to many more years working with such a great company."

Daren HawesCEO
WDMAustralia, Queensland




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