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 SilverTech is a tech-advanced digital marketing agency and has been a leading Kentico Gold Partner for over a decade. With advanced expertise in Kentico Content Management and Kentico EMS, we have successfully developed and launched more than a hundred websites on the Kentico platform.

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Why Kentico

Kentico is a fully integrated platform used to create engaging digital experiences across multiple channels. Our engineering team appreciates the flexibility of the Kentico  platform and its ability to customize the DXP to our client’s needs. The Kentico digital experience platform is user-friendly, working as one single solution for both marketers and developers. With the competitive and transparent pricing model provided by Kentico Software, it has proven to be a good fit for our mid-market and enterprise level clients. 

Benefits of partnering with SilverTech and Kentico 

Kentico provides customers with the comprehensive tools for effective content management, digital marketing, and commerce. SilverTech has expertise in implementing these solutions and has a good understanding of the Kentico features. Our team of experts consists of more than a dozen certified Kentico developers and marketers that help bring our clients digital brand and digital experiences to the next level. Besides being a Gold KenticoPartner, we have earned competencies in development and integration, online marketing, and e-commerce. 

Looking ahead

As Kentico continually innovates, our SilverTech team will continue to partner with this DXP leader in the industry. SilverTech has developed dozens of pre-built and pre-tested Kentico applications that allow brands a faster time-to-market. In order to continue bringing quality work and tactics to our clients, we are committed to being an expert development, hosting and implementation partner for decades to come.


SilverTech has grown exponentially over the past decade since partnering with Kentico Software. SilverTech has won Kentico ‘Site of the Year’ and numerous ‘Sites of the Month’ for our work across multiple industries including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, technology and more.

Nick Soggu, President & CEO, SilverTech, New Hampshire, USA:

"As a leader in digital, SilverTech is constantly pushing the envelope and applying a deep level of technology and marketing expertise to solve real business problems for our clients. Kentico’s solution, combined with our vision and advanced development integration capabilities, is a valuable part of that equation. Our clients appreciate Kentico's built-in marketing capabilities combined with the flexible and easy-to-use content management platform."

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