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Luminary (formerly Get Started) is proud to have been creating digital experiences since 1999. With a portfolio that includes some of the biggest names in Australian government, retail, and the corporate sector, our knowledge and understanding of the digital world is well recognised. Luminary has held Kentico Gold Partner status (the highest tier attainable) since 2008 and we've built more than 250 websites on the platform.

growth in revenue

Why Kentico

Before we switched to using Kentico in 2008, we were primarily building sites on Sitefinity. We wanted to find a more reliable and bug-free .NET alternative, along with a platform that would provide us with more support. This meant we could focus on building great websites and solving client problems, rather than worrying about features, fixes, and issues.

The benefits of partnering with Kentico

Kentico’s transparent licensing model has allowed us to scale up our business, with more than 200 websites being built on the platform within five years. Some of the advantages include active support for partners, regular events, regular phone account catch-ups, support in the sales cycle, and solid sales documentation, e.g., battle cards.

Looking ahead

We are very excited about Kentico’s strategy. We believe it will allow us to evolve our offering in line with the evolving nature of our clients’ businesses while keeping pace with emerging technologies.


Kentico signaled a turning point in our business trajectory, allowing us to move from a primarily small business focus into the SME space and now into the enterprise sphere. Some of the results we have achieved during this time are detailed below:


in average project size since moving to Kentico in 2008


in revenue since 2008


in the first five years with Kentico (2008-2013)

"Since we launched back in 1999, we’ve seen a lot of CMS platforms come and go. Before we partnered with Kentico nearly a decade ago, we had tried a range of different platforms but Kentico has stood out as the one that has really proven to be a good fit for our business over that time. Kentico has been instrumental in allowing us to elevate our business to the point where we now have more than 40 staff across six locations and a portfolio that includes some of the biggest names in the Australian government, retail, and corporate sectors."

Andy ThompsonCTO
LuminaryAustralia, Victoria




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