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Despite being a global top-10 partner, i3 Digital is one of the best-kept secrets in the Kentico community. With a 16-strong developer team and a well-established reputation for technical excellence backed by certifications from ISO 9001/27001 and Microsoft, we are the chosen implementation partner for many of Kentico’s most complex projects.

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Why Kentico

Having worked with in-house and off-the-shelf CMS technology since 1997, i3 Digital decided to invest more heavily in Kentico when we found it to be more flexible and a better value proposition for clients than Episerver. We’ve been a top-10 global partner for almost a decade.

The benefits of partnering with Kentico

i3 Digital has built its business and many of its strategic relationships around the Kentico platform. In Kentico, we have a dedicated TSM who we work with on early stage pre-sales opportunities. In addition, lots of our team members have personal friendships with some of the Kentico support staff.

Looking ahead

Lots of our customers are asking us about GDPR so we are really pleased that Kentico has a robust solution for this. We are also excited about the opportunities offered by using Kentico Kontent for big brand campaign websites.


In the 10+ years since becoming a Kentico partner, i3 Digital has grown to four locations across two continents, successfully delivered over 150+ website projects to clients such as, Bechtel Inc, Maxis GBN, JP Corry, Titanic Belfast, TSI, and Waterfront Belfast to name but a few. 

Along with winning the highly coveted Kentico Site of the Year award two times and obtaining the Kentico Site of the Month award nine times. Our partnership with Kentico had been an unqualified success and has exceeded our expectations.

"We found that the combination of developer flexibility and out-of-the- box functionality allowed us to target more ambitious clients. The success we have had and recognition through numerous Kentico awards have allowed us to acquire more of the new clients we wanted. It has also enabled us to develop a reputation outside of our established territories of the UK and Ireland."

Neill MurphyHead of Technical
i3 DigitalUnited Kingdom

i3 Digital Ltd

i3 Digital Ltd


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