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Devotion is an independently-owned, full-service digital agency based in Sydney, Australia. We combine creativity with deep technical understanding to create smart, results-driven experiences that engage people, transform brands, grow businesses, and drive stronger connections. Devotion is what we create.

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Why Kentico

We researched Kentico and found it to be a great value-for-money alternative that offered good out-of-the-box functionality and support. We utilised it across a couple of small sites and were hooked!

The benefits of partnering with Kentico

To this day, we still believe Kentico is the best value-for-money solution on the market. EMS represents a mature and marketable proposition. We’re able to sell an end-to-end digital platform that’s not just easy to use and incredibly scalable, but comes with in-built marketing tools.

Looking ahead

Devotion continues to focus on Kentico as our chosen development platform. As a platform, Kentico offers Devotion a market-leading digital solution to meet the needs of our clients. As a partnership, Kentico offers Devotion an established business with clear strategic vision and outstanding support.


Devotion experienced year-on-year growth from 2011–2017 based largely on Kentico development capabilities. We have been able to grow our delivery capability and maintain all development in-house, in our Sydney office, without increasing labour costs (at the expected rate) based on better development efficiencies – both within Kentico and within our broader development processes and team.

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"Devotion has worked with Kentico for almost 10 years. Over that time, we’ve not only been continually impressed with the platform but also the manner in which Kentico conducts business. From a partner’s perspective, Kentico’s clearly defined roadmap, out-of-the-box inclusions, and on the-ground support makes them easy to deal with and our preferred solution partner."

Andrew WhiteheadCreative & Managing Director
DevotionAustralia, New South Wales




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