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BizStream is a top-rated full-service digital agency specializing in digital strategy, custom design, and complex implementations. The team of 35+ employees is a highly skilled group of developers, designers, digital strategists, and support staff.

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Why Kentico

We've been leveraging Kentico software for over a decade. We love that it’s a versatile platform that allows for creating engaging digital experiences across multiple channels. Our team appreciates the platform’s flexibility and ease of integration, which enables us to customize the DXP to meet our client's unique and often complex needs. With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration, Kentico seamlessly caters to the needs of marketers and developers, making it an ideal fit for our mid-market and enterprise clients.

The benefits of partnering with Kentico

Partnering with Kentico provides comprehensive benefits, including robust sales and technical support, transparent product roadmap insights, direct communication with product leaders, and co-marketing opportunities. This collaboration equips businesses to effectively market and sell Kentico solutions, swiftly resolve technical issues, align strategies with future developments, foster innovation, and drive mutual business growth.

Looking ahead

The introduction of the new Xperience by Kentico platform presents exciting opportunities for innovation and enhanced digital experiences. Kentico's forward-thinking strategy, centered around the digital experience maturity model, allows us to evolve our offerings in tandem. This strategic approach ensures that we can continue to deliver cutting-edge digital solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients and stay at the forefront of the industry. We’re excited about the hybrid headless approach Kentico is now bringing to the market, and we’re looking forward to the next decade of partnership with them. 


BizStream has experienced exponential growth following its collaboration with Kentico Software in the last decade. We've proudly achieved many recognitions, including winning 5 Kentico 'Site of the Year' and numerous 'Sites of the Month' awards for our work across various industries, including manufacturing, professional services, healthcare, and beyond. The growth in average project size since moving to Kentico in 2010 is incredible 525%.

Brian McKeiver
Co-owner & Solution Architect  at BizStream

“I've always viewed Kentico as more than just its products—it's about the people behind the company. They've consistently impressed me and my team. Whenever I reach out to the sales team, they're readily available—usually within a day. But it's not just the sales team; their partner channel management is top-notch, too. Whether it's marketing collateral or support for events, the Kentico team has our back. And if any issues arise, I know exactly who to turn to. This level of responsiveness extends beyond just the BizStream team; it's also evident in our clients' experiences. At Kentico, it feels like customer satisfaction is their priority above all else, which is refreshingly rare in the vendor space.”

Why do you see a future with Xperience by Kentico?

We asked BizStream for their thoughts on Xperience by Kentico. Here's why they see a future with us and our DXP.

BizStream on Xperience by Kentico

with Brian McKeiver and Drew Veach

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