Lightburn Partners With CI Design to Reignite Milwaukee Kentico User Group

Lightburn Partners With CI Design to Reignite Milwaukee Kentico User Group

Nov 7, 2023
Lightburn Partners With CI Design to Reignite Milwaukee Kentico User Group

Milwaukee, WI, November 7, 2023Lightburn and CI Design, two long-tenured agencies in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward, are excited to reignite the local Kentico User Group for 2024. This community will focus on supporting marketers, designers and developers across all industries and business sizes who work with the popular Kentico digital experience platform.   

The Milwaukee Kentico User Group (MKE KUG) will bring together members to collaborate, learn, share, and network around all things related to the Kentico ecosystem. In reinvigorating this dormant community, agency leaders will furnish guidance for members while inviting input to shape its future for the benefit of all. Using Meetup, their teams will engage members, sponsors and Kentico channel partners with real-world and virtual events, plus discussion threads and resources.  

MKE KUG is open to all who interact with Kentico, not just agency employees. In-house corporate teams use Kentico for their customers’ digital experiences are encouraged to join, as is anyone interested in learning more about the platform.  

The new cadence of the group is designed to deliver intrinsic value for its attendees. Each month, agency group leaders will share Kentico-related news, moderate conversations, and share partner DXP info directly with  group members. MKE KUG will gather downtown or in the nearby suburbs for a quarterly live meetup. 

During events, front- and back-end developers can collaborate in a hands-on workshop to talk through current setup issues or discuss their best practices. Marketing professionals and administrators can learn about the latest apps, tools, and use-cases impacting websites, management, personalization practices, and digital marketing ROI. Agency marketing leaders and platform developers will host and attend each event to offer real feedback and support for users and businesses who need a Kentico partner or whose in-house team could use additional guidance.  

Topics may include: 

  • Product updates from our Kentico partners 

  • Real-world use-cases (Agency Client Interviews, Q&As) 

  • Consolidating your MarTech ecosystem 

  • Setting up and using personalization strategies  

  • Training and certification workshops 

  • Live technical issues/troubleshooting 

  • Setting up and using page types and components  

  • How to use AI with Kentico 

  • How to create gated content 

  • Tips and tricks for email marketing 

  • A deep dive into application best practices  

  • Where to find support with Kentico 

  • Managing third-party integrations 

  • Migrating from Kentico Xperience 13 to Xperience by Kentico  

This group is part of a larger Kentico-driven initiative to better serve its community of developers and non-technical users. With this collaboration, Kentico's channel owners and product evangelists will actively support, host, or attend in-person events. 

 At Kentico, we actively seek ways to expand user support from the ground up. We are excited to invest in local tech-driven events like these with two of our partners. We are looking forward to being an active part of the MKE KUG and seeing Kentico users come together, said Bill Cunningham, CRO at Kentico. 

 Visit to join the MKE KUG Meetup group. 

Team members from both agencies attended Kentico Connection Nashville October 25-26, 2023.  

As an additional bonus for its members, group organizers in conjunction with Kentico’s product evangelist, Sean Wright, will host a conference recap and panel session this Wednesday, November 8 from 1 PM to 2 PM (CDT) using the Meetup group and Zoom. The session will be recorded. 

This discussion will feature an open conversation discussing event topics and takeaways with time for Q&A.  

Join the meet up group and register for the upcoming event. 

About Kentico, CI Design and Lightburn  

Kentico is an award-winning provider of digital experience platforms that enable businesses to drive better outcomes with fewer resources using a hybrid headless approach for multichannel experiences. 

CI Design is an Emmy award-winning Milwaukee marketing agency with full service digital capabilities from website and mobile apps to brand strategy, SEM, video, and more.  

Lightburn is a customer experience agency that empowers organizations to reach their full digital potential to better engage, attract, and retain customers.  

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