Is a composable DXP the right fit for everyone?

Composable DXPs are a hot trend in the digital experience platform space steering away from monolithic solutions. But are they suitable for every company? The advantage of composability may come with a level of complexity not everyone can handle. Luckily, there is a hybrid approach that takes the best of both worlds.

What is a composable DXP? 

A composable digital experience platform (DXP) is a set of technology components composed together to provide capabilities for managing content and executing digital marketing campaigns. The DXP can have capabilities such as content management, personalization, analytics, customer data management, and many others.  

With a composable DXP approach, you build a DXP yourself from your chosen components. You compose it using the APIs to ensure all tools interact with each other. And you can choose the different parts of your DXP based on your specific needs.

Freedom to build a bespoke DXP

A composable DXP takes a modular and flexible approach. As a result, you can select best-of-breed technologies, services, and tools. The core idea behind a composable DXP is to provide a foundation that can adapt and scale as business needs evolve.  

With composable approach, you can build a complex, bespoke solution from the ground up, using a combination of capabilities such as CMS, email marketing, commerce, and DAM provided by multiple vendors.

Making a choice
Do you really need such complexity?

Complex solution comes with a price

Bespoke composable DXPs are designed for large, digitally native, multinational enterprises with specific needs that require premium products and their high-profile brands demand only the best options on the market without considering the costs. 

They require teams of solution architects and developers for implementation, maintenance, and upgrades. With more components, the complexity of the integration grows.

Does your company have the capacities to handle a composable DXP?

Creating your own solution from individual capabilities requires significant technological resources and skills. Luckily, there are several levels of DXP composability and you can choose the one that suits your current and future needs. 

Find out if your really need a composable DXP by assessing your company's digital maturity. Based on your company's size, resources, and how you're currently leveraging digital technologies, you can evaluate whether you need a bespoke composable DXP solution or rather a hybrid approach.

The hybrid approach for fast-growing companies

Unless your company is something what we call a digital megapolis, consider a single-vendor composable DXP – a DXP developed from the ground up by a single company with extensibility in mind.  

A composable DXP by a single vendor usually provides content management as a centerpiece together with various digital marketing capabilities working in unison. These capabilities all have the same user interface (UI) and underlying software foundations to ensure the best user experience for the admins.

This approach takes the best of both worlds – composable and monolithic. It provides ready-to-use solutions to most of the upper mid-market and lower enterprise business needs. Plus, it allows for composability immediately or as the needs grow.

DXP Capabilities - digital marketing, content management and ecommerce

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