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Blog post • Jun 52019

Kentico gains ISO certifications

We all know the importance of standards and processes. We might not always like them, but they have a very important place, especially in a global marketplace. International standards ensure consistency and quality, and one of the top global organizations for such control is ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization that brings together experts to build consensus-based, market relevant international standards. They give world-class specifications for products, services, and systems to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency.(1)  And, given the world-class status of ISO, we are very proud to announce that Kentico has gained the following ISO certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System
  • ISO 20000-1:2011 – IT Service Management System
  • ISO 27001:2013 – Information Security Management System

The certifications apply to both Kentico products – Kentico Xperience, the all-in-one digital experience platform, and Kentico Kontent, the Content-as-a-Service solution.

Each certificate shows the commitment we have to delivering top-quality, consistent standards and to ensuring consistency of those standards throughout all our offices globally. We want to be sure that a client in North America receives the same level of support, security, and quality as a digital agency partner in Singapore and everywhere else in the world. And it is not something to be taken lightly — to become certified, there is a full third-party audit of the organization to determine whether or not our processes, products, and services fulfill the ISO criteria.

We are very pleased to be able to announce these certifications and to provide our partners and clients with even more security in the knowledge that we at Kentico are always pushing to provide the best service and support in every way possible.