The workflow designer in Kentico allows administrators to track, manage, and approve all content throughout each stage of the publishing process – from creating to publishing, and revising to archiving. With this feature, administrators can also design and customize an approval process, and designate editors for appropriate projects.

 Content Workflow Diagram

Configure Rules, Delegate Users

Users tasked with choosing owners, editors, and final content approvers can define each workflow process through an easy-to-use browser-based interface. Once the process is set, modifications can be made on the fly.

Workflow Designer

The workflow designer allows you to define multiple workflows based on the content or context of a page, and assign specific workflows to pages based on factors, such as language, subject, or author, and establish appropriate approval channels.

Integration Across Platforms

Other modules, such as translation management, staging, and social media, can be integrated easily into the workflow designer.

Automated Reminders

Kentico’s workflow designer also helps everyone stay connected and communicating. When a task is waiting for completion, such as a page needing approval, an automatic email alert will be sent to the task owner to ensure that all tasks are completed on time.

Email notifications are sent automatically to:

  • all involved users, when a page is awaiting approval
  • page authors, when a document moves to a new step in the workflow

Customize Workflows

Developers can define custom actions during the workflow process to execute lines of code. This can also be used as a method to integrate third-party systems into the workflow, such as content archives, Document Management Systems, ERP, CRM, and others.


Set Timed Actions

If no action is taken at the instructed time by the owner, the content can either be automatically pushed to the next step in the workflow, or automatically published at a later time. These timed actions can be set by content administrators. This ensures content doesn’t get stuck somewhere in the approval process.  
Timed actions in the workflow designer are:

  • Wait: Allows workflow administrators to suspend a process's execution for a set period of time, or until a specific event occurs.
  • Timeout: Workflow administrators can set the specific length of time until a page moves to the next step in the workflow.

Avoid Redundancies

With several users sometimes working on the same page, there’s usually a risk of someone overwriting someone else’s changes before they’re saved. Kentico’s workflow designer takes care of that problem by providing a content locking feature, which lets one user at a time “check out” a page. No other users will be able to access the page until it’s checked back in, which eliminates the possibility of any overwrites or redundancies.

Get a Full Overview

A full overview of all relevant pages in a workflow is always available. You can also define parameters, perform bulk actions, and approve pages with a single click.
With Kentico’s workflow designer, you have full visibility of the whole content production process.

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