MVC Page Builder

With the MVC Page Builder, your content admins and marketers can intuitively adjust the web content across your MVC-powered website using MVC Widgets. The widgets are easy to drag and drop into editable areas of your website, support content personalization, and can be of any size and type to satisfy fully every content need.

 MVC Page Builder

Intuitive Interface

Provide your marketers and content editors with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for content creation. The MVC Page Builder allows the creation of perfectly tailored MVC Widgets so that the website content can be created, updated, and removed with ease. Whether there is a need to place a testimonial, social media feed, or anything else on the page, a dedicated MVC Widget can be created for it.

MVC Widgets

Unlock your team’s potential with MVC Widgets in MVC Page Builder. Developers can create any kind of MVC Widgets to meet every content editors’ requirements to ensure they can design the content of the website quickly and effortlessly. Leveraging the native drag and drop support, MVC Widgets can be dropped into predefined zones in the MVC Page Builder and further configured with just a few clicks. Every zone can be set to allow only specific MVC Widgets, making work with the web content even more effective.

Inline Editors

Make it fast and easy for content editors to configure MVC Widgets in MVC Page Builder. Each widget can have its own unique inline editor assigned so that widget properties can be updated in seconds.

Content Personalization

Give your marketers the true ability to personalize website content on their terms. Every MVC Widget can be personalized directly in the MVC Page Builder, and can have an unlimited number of personalization variants. You can set up any number of bespoke display conditions so that marketers can quickly define when the given personalization variant of the MVC Widget should be displayed to an online visitor.



You can also visit our MVC Transition Guide where you can find additional MVC resources for Kentico 12.


Allow content editors and marketers to be fully in charge of website content adjustments. With native support for multiple sections in editable areas, marketers can extend the areas with as many sections as necessary to fit their layout needs without the risk of breaking the website. All of that with just a few clicks.

Section Properties

When adding new Sections, rather than having them all look and feel the same, you can adjust the properties of individual sections. Section properties allow developers to create a single section that can look and behave differently based on properties adjusted by Marketers.

Media File and Path and Page Selectors

Out-of-the-box selectors enable faster project delivery and provide superior UX for Marketers. The Path Selector allows you to select the path you want from your page tree. Quite simply, it allows you to select the relevant path you want to use to link to other content pages directly from the page tree. As for the media selector, you can select a new media item like a picture or video directly from the media library. You don’t need to upload files but you can rather just select it directly from the media library and use it.

Safe Content Changes

Let your MVC developers rest easily when content editors adjust the website content in MVC Page Builder as it is done purely through MVC Widgets that can be limited to being placed only into dedicated sections of the page, meaning the front-end structure of the website cannot be broken.

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