MVC Form Builder

With MVC Form Builder, your marketers can create online forms for your MVC website with ease. MVC Form Builder offers a predefined set of form components that can be dragged and dropped into a designated area and easily readjusted to create an online form in the exact way the marketers want. It also allows turning the online forms into Smart Forms so marketers can gather information from your visitors in a more efficient way.

 MVC Form Builder

Out-of-the-box MVC Forms

Give your marketers the ability to create their ideal MVC online forms in minutes. With MVC Form Builder’s native drag-and-drop functionality, and a predefined set of form components, form creation becomes a breeze. Furthermore, every form component supports various validation rules that can be used to ensure that the website visitor enters only the right type of information into the form field.

The created online forms can then be placed anywhere on a website with an MVC Widget via our intuitive MVC Page Builder.


You can also visit our MVC Transition Guide where you can find additional MVC resources for Kentico 12.

Smart Forms

Provide your marketers with a powerful way to gather information about website visitors with Smart Forms. These progressive forms display just a few selected form fields to a visitor during their first visit, and only when these fields have been filled in, different form fields are then shown to them. This allows your marketers to create long forms but keep them compact at the same time, and place them along the visitor’s journey across your MVC site to collect visitors’ info in an elegant way. Creation of such Smart Forms is a breeze as every form designed in the MVC Form Builder can be turned into a Smart Form with just a few clicks.

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