Social Marketing

It’s no secret that going social boosts customer engagement, reach and recommendations, not to mention brand awareness and revenue. However simply managing social pages is not enough; a winning social marketing strategy requires constant and consistent content creation. But manually updating each social channel with announcements of new blogs, press releases, catalogs, products and information is tedious and time-consuming.

That’s why the Kentico Online Marketing Solution offers out-of-the-box tools for managing sophisticated social marketing effectively, easily and without complications or additional costs.

Going social couldn't be easier

With the social marketing tools in the Kentico Online Marketing Solution you can post about new website content on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook automatically, promoting your updates in a share-friendly way for maximum reach and exposure without requiring any additional work!

Posting is done directly through the easy-to-use document editing interface, using form controls or our drag&drop Visual Workflow Designer. When the publishing happens is completely up to you and easy to set.

Automated posting to social channels

The easy-to-use Visual Workflow Designer enables you to simply drag and drop a step into your defined content workflow for automatic publishing on social networks. Now all new website content subject to this workflow will automatically be published on your social channels.

Without the need for configuration or custom code, the workflow can be easily modified and updated directly inside your web browser, meaning you’re in control of the process at all times. So getting your content seen, read, followed, shared, liked and retweeted is super-easy and super-efficient.

Out-of-the-box social insights

Going social doesn’t just increase community engagement and boost interest in your company; it can also bring deep insights that give you a better understanding of your customer and their expectations of your brand.

Kentico’s Online Marketing Solution delivers fully integrated out-of-the-box Facebook Insights, LinkedIn Stats and Twitter Analytics for easy monitoring of likes, shares, reach, followers, mentions, etc.

Social - a strategy for success

With an increasing number of customers relying on social to make purchase decisions, you need to get your content out there in the most consistent and time-efficient way possible. And with the Kentico Online Marketing Solution, you can be social in just a few clicks.

There’s no soft way to put it; social marketing is crucial to the success of your business. Anything less than the rock-solid fully integrated marketing solution from Kentico just won’t hack it.

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