It is important to give each visitor a personal experience on your site and engage them with what they want. The built-in Personas module in the Kentico Online Marketing Solution enables you to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time, boosting engagement and ROI.

 The Right Message to the Right Persona

Personas for Personalization

Kentico‘s Online Marketing Solution comes with a Personas module that allows you to create personas and assign each website visitor to one of them based on pre-defined criteria. No technical skills are needed to apply smart persona-based personalization on your website. You can manage settings, define personas, and control content without the need for support from your developers.

The built-in Personalization widget enables you to display only the content you have chosen for each persona. By better targeting your individual audiences with relevant content, you can increase conversions and brand engagement.

Integrated Marketing Sophistication

Only Kentico‘s Online Marketing Solution offers personas that are fully integrated with other online marketing tools, such as Email Marketing and Marketing Automation.

You can now send cross-channel personalized messages to each selected persona segment, ensuring they only receive content and email messages relevant to them.


Unlimited Persona Possibilities

Personas in Kentico can be defined by various Rule Types, including Explicit (submitted), Implicit (gathered), and Mixed attributes, as well as interactions with your website and email messages. Not only can you define your own rules, but you can completely customize them to create the perfect personas for your website, thereby delivering accurate content and a personalized experience to all visitors.

Boost ROI and Conversions with Personas

The Personas module helps you deliver highly relevant content to your visitors, boosts engagement with your brand, maximizes ROI of marketing campaigns, and increases conversion rates.

Personas History

Monitor how personas perform and grow over time, and gain insight into how your audience is segmented, all displayed on an easy-to-understand chart. Select the time range, persona type, or even see how many visitors do not fall into any persona yet to observe your effectiveness and adjust your marketing strategy to target those visitors better.

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