Contact Management

The Contact management module in Kentico gives you a 360-degree view of all your website visitors and customers as well as their behavior across all channels and devices. With this amalgamated data, all within one contact profile, you are able to deliver a more personalized experience to each visitor, nurture customer segments, allocate customer personas, and identify your hottest leads. 

Track and Nurture Every Lead

Unlike with other systems, even anonymous visitors provide insight in Kentico. Your website automatically collects each moment of each visitor’s journey from each digital touch point; from first arrival on your site, through registration, and on to repeat custom. It records every page viewed, video watched, and file downloaded. Such valuable data enables insightful campaign analysis, visitor understanding, and actionable optimization for dramatic results.

Getting to know your customers (as well as your anonymous visitors) in this way provides you with unparalleled insight into their wants and needs and gives you the power to deliver exactly what they are looking for.

Smart Personalization

As the Contact management module is integrated with Kentico’s sophisticated personalization tools, you can easily use the behavioral data (pages visited, campaigns engaged with, documents downloaded, etc.) and demographics (location, age, gender, etc.), to deliver content personalized in real time to the current visitor’s specific interests. And by segmenting your contact database into smaller groups or personas, you can easily tailor content to be highly relevant to particular audiences– making for a great customer experience.

Easy integration and import

Not only can you easily integrate Kentico data with external systems, such as your CRM or ERP, to make sure all your databases are up to date, but you can easily import your contacts into Kentico using a CSV file. With virtually no technical know-how, you can start utilizing the powerful online marketing tools on contacts that were previously siloed in third-party tools and start segmenting them into groups for more targeted and effective marketing.

Multi-channel intelligence

Kentico Contact Management streamlines customer data into one all-inclusive platform, giving you a complete overview of individual customer profiles and activities as well as a real-time snapshot of traffic and behavior. These valuable insights can then be used in lead scoring, lead nurturing, content personalization and effective optimization of the customer experience.

And a great customer experience paves the way to a great customer relationship, elevated spending, increased orders, better brand consistency, and deeper brand love.


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