A/B Testing

Kentico’s Online Marketing solution’s built-in A/B and Multivariate (MVT) Testing modules allow you to use an iterative approach for delivering content to visitors by testing page variations and identifying and optimizing those that work.

A/B Testing

Kentico’s Online Marketing Solution out-of-the-box A/B testing module allows you to test an unlimited number of page variants.

When you want to assess two different designs or messages, you can split your audience into those who receive the control version and those who receive the treatment version. Reports help you identify the more successful page. Pre-defining which visitor segments to include in the tests helps you achieve your target results faster. When evaluating riskier changes, you can restrict page traffic to reduce any negative impact. With A/B testing, you can find the design and message that leads to most conversions.

Full Control

Unlike other similar systems, the fully integrated A/B Testing module requires no external applications and allow you to test, manage, analyze, and test again without any technical knowledge.

The interface gives you full control over your tests and their results, meaning you can optimize, optimize without having to reroute your ideas through developers, so you can test each detail and identify the page or page elements that have most effect.

Real-time Reports

Kentico’s Online Marketing Solution interface allows you to track the impact of your tests on user behavior with real-time reports. You can monitor which pages or variants are performing best, and identify and perfect the winning versions. You can also use metrics such as conversion goals and counting methodologies.

Using A/B Testing in Kentico MVC

You can use A/B Testing in MVC in Kentico directly within the Pages application. Without having to leave the page you are working on, you can create, edit, and delete one or more variants, set parameters such as culture, excluded visitors, conversions, start/end date and time, included traffic, name, and description​. On top of that, you can also run, modify, end, evaluate, and finish a test within the Pages application​.

In addition to the full management of the test, you can also automatically populate a winning variant​. Simpy single click to select which variant is the winner and the system will set the variant as the original page.

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