Microsoft Azure

Way back in 2011, Kentico became the first CMS to be certified for Microsoft Azure. Kentico passes on this wealth of valuable experience to you by providing a single installation to get you up and running on the Microsoft Azure platform quickly and without the headache of extra code.

And because Kentico supports many Azure website services on offer from Microsoft Cloud, you will not feel limited by the architecture and design of your applications. In fact, you will relish the speed in which you are able to get it to market and start reaping the rewards.

 Kentico on Microsoft Azure

And the Analysts Agree

Microsoft Azure is the only cloud ranked by Gartner as an industry leader in all four cloud-related quadrants: IaaS, Virtualization Infrastructure, PaaS, and Cloud Storage Services. Its ability to incorporate components such as IaaS and PaaS enables you to integrate Microsoft Azure seamlessly with your platform services.

Easy Just Got Easier

Worried that Kentico in the cloud won’t offer you the same functionality as on-premise? Rest assured. Microsoft Azure not only gives you peace of mind with its high availability, stability, and scalability, it keeps security and ease of build top priorities too.

Add to this impressive mix the fact that you no longer need to make any initial investments into hardware, coupled with your ability to grow effortlessly, and you can say “bye-bye” to ongoing maintenance costs, the need to pay for capacity up front, and the drudgery of hiring extra people just to look after the servers. Simply rent a data platform with the space you need and pay as you go! Learn about which service suits you best here

Size Doesn’t Need to Matter

Microsoft Cloud offers the flexibility of economies of scale with schedule and rule-based auto-scaling, as well as natively-supported Azure CDN geo-redundant storage, making sure every penny works for you. Hosting models, such as Cloud Services (PaaS) or Azure App Services, mean that with Microsoft Azure, you’ve got all possible scenarios for your current or future websites covered. The near-zero maintenance Azure SQL Database gives point-in-time restore and geo-replication capabilities making your sites effective, reliable, and ready to perform anytime. And because there are Microsoft managed data centers across 13 regions, and a 99.95% SLA, you also benefit globally.

An Impressive Toolbox

Microsoft Azure’s rich set of tools, such as, Azure Mobile Apps, Logic Apps, TFS, Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, and API Apps, allows you to concentrate on your project’s functionality seamlessly from one place both on-premise or in the cloud. Need to use third-party tools?  No worries, Microsoft Azure has got your back. It enables effortless collaboration, code review, and code management, letting your teamwork flow effortlessly.

Get Testing

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to identify performance issues while testing your application? Well, now you can! Microsoft Azure offers Application Insights for ASP.NET Apps assisting you in the detection and diagnosis of performance issues and exceptions quickly while, at the same time, giving you a wonderful insight into what your users are doing with the application. And limiting manual FTP deployment through continuous integration means you get a better overview of the health status of your code, helping you avoid the production and staging errors that can slow you and your work down.

Carry that Weight!

What about performance issues during heavy usage? No problem, Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio enable you to run Load Testing giving you a better understanding of the performance and characteristics of your application under more strenuous operating conditions. These tests can also help to generate traffic from different regions around the world.

What Our Customers Say About Kentico Running on Microsoft Azure…


Revenue increased by 78%! Long-standing British retailer hmv chose Kentico in Azure for its online store. They now have a robust platform that drives growth across the business and delivers both great site speed and performance. Learn more.

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