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DDSN Interactive is a leading full service digital agency. We bring brands to life online through creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking. We create websites that shine. We've been doing it for over 25 years and have a wealth of expertise.

DDSN now have a Kentico Experience and Experience by Kentico (XbyK) full front end starting point called Leaping Llama. This is built today and ready to be deployed in projects.

Leaping Llama by DDSN includes many advanced features. Enhanced form field capability and Wizard style forms. Advanced email template with advanced controls on every block. Compilation (Feed) widgets with more than 10 different presentation styles and control of layout including size, padding, margins, borders, shadow, hover microinteractions and colour with each of these being able to be controlled separately at 4 different device breakpoints. It also has an advanced colour configuration and selection framework. Out of the box page types include -news, events (including ticketing), testimonials, DDSN also have an extensive catalogue of features suited to charities - donation forms, funding thermometer / goal tracking, donor carousels and feeds of all descriptions.

DDSN also continue to host and support clients on V11 and V12 and are actively undertaking migration projects to Experience and XbyK today.
Along side that sits our expertise across
// digital strategy
// website design
// accessibility
// usability
// content management
// online marketing
// advanced analytics
// advanced web hosting
// marketing growth strategies

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