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The Pro Football Hall of Fame is dedicated to honoring football heroes, preserving the game's history, and promoting its values. Its team is constantly looking for new ways to engage fans and promote the rich legacy of the game. That’s why its team decided to build a new, exciting website with an irresistible online store and chose Kentico as the perfect digital experience platform for this project.

new marketing capabilities unlocked

Scoring a touchdown of online excellence

Recognizing the importance of an engaging website and active social channels, the Pro Football Hall of Fame embraced Kentico's DXP to advance their online capabilities and expand their mission's reach. The migration to Kentico provided the organization with increased flexibility in content management and presentation, as well as a feature-rich commerce experience.


Before the migration, the Pro Football Hall of Fame faced several challenges. They needed a platform that could handle a large content library while performing at speed, even at peak times. They sought to optimize their website for fan engagement and search engines. Additionally, they wanted to enhance the customer experience of their online store, including design, inventory management, shopping cart logic, and streamlined checkout processes.


The Pro Football Hall of Fame found the ideal solution in Kentico’s DXP. The content management team appreciates the consistency of having one platform and one back-end interface for all their marketing functionalities, enabling them to maintain a cohesive digital presence. The DXP’s editing environment and robust back-end tools provided the PFHOF editors with low-code/no-code experience, empowering them to work independently.  

Kentico seamlessly integrates with the PFHOF's enterprise resource planner (ERP), streamlining operations and improving efficiency. Moreover, Kentico's transparent licensing structure ensured fixed costs, eliminating concerns about exceeding the intended budget.  

Pro Football Hall of Fame museum


The launch of the Kentico-powered website exceeded expectations and brought:

  • High-performing website even at peak times
  • Engaging digital experience for football fans  
  • Increased number of online orders
  • Happy editors empowered to work independently
  • Budget under control

Performance was critical, particularly during the Super Bowl season when a new class of Hall of Fame inductees would be announced. Before the event, load tests confirmed the site's excellent performance, ensuring a seamless user experience. Leveraging Kentico's cache capabilities, the website achieved blazing-fast page load times, resulting in a 12% improvement compared to the previous year.

Pro Football Hall of Fame online shop

The new website offers an engaging fan experience, driving increased online store transactions and planned trips to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Museum. The modern aesthetic created within Kentico makes visiting the website a grand experience. Featured events throughout the year provide fans with an array of options to enjoy all the Hall of Fame has to offer.

By harnessing the full potential of Kentico’s digital experience platform, the Pro Football Hall of Fame has improved its customer journey, heightened fan engagement, and boosted revenue generation. Their collaboration with Kentico has revolutionized their online presence, allowing them to pay homage to football heroes, safeguard history, uphold values, and celebrate excellence with greater impact and interactivity.

Wesley McChristian
Wes McChristian
Kentico Practice Director

"One of the reasons why PFHOF chose Kentico was its robust documentation and training that helps to onboard new team members. In addition, Kentico solved performance concerns associated with traffic spikes on the site during events such as the Super Bowl in February, Enshrinement in August, or Black Friday."

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The excellent new website for Pro Football Hall of Fame won the Community Choice award and the Entertainment & Hospitality category in Kentico Site of the Year 2022.


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