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NP Psych Navigator

AbbVie is a highly focused, research-driven biopharmaceutical company—one of the largest global healthcare companies, also featured in the Fortune 100—whose aim is to make a remarkable impact on people's lives by taking on the most demanding health challenges. Their web project, NP Psych Navigator, was developed for nurse practitioners in the US to support their needs when caring for patients with mental illness.

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Building an exceptional online resource hub for the healthcare industry

NP Psych Navigator is a curated library of clinical tools, educational resources, and inspiring stories from nurse practitioners. It is an unbranded website developed for Allergan, now a part of the AbbVie Group. 

As with all educational websites, NP Psych Navigator contains vast information and documentation. The main challenge was to make the website appealing to the target audience without feeling overbearing, and overloading them with data. The aim was to architect the website in an innovative way to enable nurse practitioners to quickly and efficiently find relevant information.

Leveraging MVC and several Kentico modules, Gold Partner Discover IT was able to develop a solution that met AbbVie's requirements. 

The website extensively uses Kentico’s Page Builder functionality and several personalization features, which made a big difference to the speed of the implementation.

The website features the following integrations:  

  • Lottie Files 
  • Okta SSO 
  • Azure CDN 
  • Google Tag Manager (custom events metrics)  


The website, powered by Kentico, has been audited by the Kentico Quality team, passing with a 90% score. It is hosted in a sophisticated Azure environment and has been tested extensively in terms of accessibility, performance, browser, and device compatibility.

Nurse practitioners can now easily navigate the public pages and find the necessary documentation without the need to have an account or log in.

The website has an advanced and sophisticated search with several filters that allow users to drill down to the information they need quickly.

For regular users, there is the facility to register. Thanks to the Personalization components, the registration process enables nurse practitioners to set their subject matter interests and personalize their dashboards. This way, they always see the information relevant to them.

The website also has a publicly available events calendar that features all the upcoming events in the mental health space relevant to the nurse practitioners. 

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