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National Autistic Society
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The National Autistic Society is an ambitious organization supporting autistic people and their families in the UK. When work was slowed down by an obsolete website, the Society realized it was time to rejuvenate its digital presentation—and Kentico is an ideal tool for that. 

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Designed for accessibility

This leading charity for autistic people has two main goals: to help autistic people and their families in their day-to-day life and increase understanding and support in society. Users of the website are autistic people, their family members, supporters, and professionals. 

With regards to so many different users and their specific needs, the website had to accommodate a huge volume of information as well as enabling digital marketing and a commerce solution.  


At the start of this project, the desire was to overcome the drawbacks of the National Autistic Society’s previous platform. The old website was built on out-of-date technology and the charity wanted its internal developers to take the lead in the ongoing development of the site. Finding information was difficult and the donation journey was too complex.  

  • The new website had to:  

    • Improve the level of accessibility for disabled users 
    • Ease pressure on the charity’s helplines 
    • Have a commerce functionality 
    • Clear up the buyer’s journey 
    • Be affordable  


Migrating such volume of content can be painful, but Kentico’s flexibility made this process smooth and quick. MVC architecture allows building a powerful and easy-to-update website that grows with the charity’s broadening services.  

The requirement of high accessibility led Delete / Kagool to implement a custom-made dimmer switch. This tool allows users to toggle between bright and muted color schemes, which is more comfortable for autistic users.  

Quick access to information is facilitated by an advanced search that offers filtering and related content. The main topics of the Advice section appear right away on the front page which means users can find answers to their questions in just three clicks. 

Across the website, donors can choose how much and how often they want to donate, and they learn how their contribution helps straight away. The checkout process is simple and optimized for mobile devices. 

Kentico proved to be the right choice:  

  • Migration to the Kentico DXP was quick and smooth 
  • Editors and developers get proper training and support 
  • Robust search tool and a custom UX facilitate navigation
  • Tracking & personalization allows surfacing relevant content 
  • Commerce tool dramatically increased donations 
  • Integration Bus automatically synchronizes data with the CRM  


The National Autistic Society website became a go-to source of information for autistic people, their families, and professionals. The organization benefits from a painless editing process that has been extremely well received by the National Autistic Society’s in-house editors.  The welcoming user experience leads to more donations on the website and higher awareness in society.   

The client says:

David Rossall, Digital Projects Manager at the National Autistic Society:

“We’re thrilled to have our charity’s new website recognised in this way. With great support from Delete / Kagool, our in-house team have used an array of Kentico's advanced features and excellent training to create a site that delivers life-changing advice and guidance to autistic people, their families, and professionals.”  

“Working with autistic people we created ‘calm/vivid’ modes to ensure the site is more accessible for them. And the clear navigation and design allow people to find the information they need and the many different ways they can engage with our charity. We’re already seeing the benefits of user engagement and satisfaction.”


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