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Accent Wire Tie

Accent Wire Tie started on the right foot after they decided to embrace e-commerce. The company built a new website, enhanced it with personalized content, and achieved remarkable results: number of website visitors increased more than three times. Get inspired by how Kentico boosts their online business. 

increase in digital orders

Stepping into the digital world  

Accent Wire Tie is a large manufacturer of baling wire and baling equipment known for the excellent quality of their products and services. Operations in the US, Canada, and the UK deliver goods through 21 distribution centers and you’re likely to find their products anywhere in the world.  


After being so successful offline, Accent Wire Tie decided to conquer the digital world. They got in touch with our gold partner Brave New Markets and envisioned a website that would attract online prospects and strengthen long-term relationships with current customers. The new website had to fit three main requirements:  

  • The website must deliver seamless functionality on all devices  

  • The platform must have functionalities for (SEO) strategy, dynamic product pages, and tracking  

  • API for ERP (Enterprise resource planning) & CRM (Customer relationship management) integrations has to be robust and reliable  


Kentico was a perfect match because it’s easy to integrate with other software and enables accurate content personalization for a unique digital experience. Responsive design ensures the website runs well on mobile devices. Accent Wire Tie’s editors in different time zones can collaborate effectively using the easy-to-learn content editor with versioning and workflows:   

  • Integration-based personalization creates a rich customer experience  

  • Reusable content facilitates deployment of enhanced SEO pages  

  • API speeds up and standardizes system integrations  


Since the new website was launched, the number of online visitors increased dramatically. Reports from in-built statistics provide details about marketing email performance and can be used for optimizing campaigns. US customers can now access all Accent Wire Tie’s services online, which saves them paperwork and speeds up response time. The website allows for adding multiple localized versions when the company is ready to expand its online business. 

Improved user experience and a broad range of online services indicate that Accent Wire Tie is now ready for the digital future of the manufacturing industry.

The new Kentico platform and website has enabled our Accent Wire Tie to start becoming a truly digital company,  says Bill Sims, the President of Accent Wire Tie.

increase in website visitors

increase in Google indexed pages

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