How-to Guide: Content Hub

Content hub – A way to go for multichannel marketing

Websites are still the central point of digital presentation for most companies, but managing content across multiple channels is becoming inevitable. At the same time, it doesn’t mean we have to create a chaotic amount of assets for different sites, social media, and mobile apps.

A digital experience platform (DXP) that includes a content hub enables marketers to manage all types of content in one place and reuse it across multiple channels. Embrace structured data for SEO success and delight new marketing colleagues with clearly organized content storage.  

A content hub serves as an organized library for all your digital content. It works by storing individual components as structured data, separate from their design. This powerful tool enables efficient content management, digital asset management, distribution, and maintenance, making it important for a multichannel content strategy.

In this HOW-TO guide, we'll explore 4 benefits of a content hub:

  • Create consistent user experience across channels
  • Work with maximum efficiency
  • Structure your data for SEO stardom
  • Save energy and space

Discover how you can create multichannel content in Xperience by Kentico. Download the free How-to guide: Content Hub.

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