Megger is a global leader in electrical testing equipment. The site needed to be upgraded following the release of Kentico 10 and several improvements needed to be made to enhance the user experience and performance of the site. The flexible Content Management that Kentico provides was ideal for this project as Megger has many content editors globally who need to be able to add content while keeping within brand guidelines.

increase in organic growth


Megger is one of the global leaders in electrical testing, supplying a broad range of customers, from sole traders up to national grid level technicians. Established in the late 1800s, its products are so popular that the Megger name is often used as a general term for electrical testing equipment. 

MMT Digital previously worked with Megger to provide support and maintenance for its website. With the release of Kentico 10, Megger needed to upgrade from version 7 to continue to be supported by Kentico. 

As well as the upgrade, there were various issues identified by MMT Digital with the existing site that were affecting the site performance. It was decided to move the site onto Kentico version 9, so the site needed to be redeveloped.


Megger wanted to upgrade its website to benefit from the latest advances in technology and design and thereby ensure an excellent user experience to maximise engagement. It was also important to improve the management of the site as well as enabling Megger to make use of the powerful marketing software available within Kentico EMS. The site was to be rolled out to 25 countries and so Megger needed a quick and simple solution to be able to manage content updates and their subsequent translation.


As the website needed a significant number of improvements in order to upgrade to Kentico 9, MMT Digital decided the most effective approach would be to rebuild the existing code base. The user experience and design needed improving, particularly on the home page and product page but it was important to ensure that any changes made would be reflected across the whole website. 

One of the main issues with the existing site was performance and so MMT Digital recognised the importance of increasing load speed and ensuring that the management of the site was more efficient and user friendly. As part of improving the efficiency of the website, the hosting needed to be moved from various different setups into one hosting platform and so Microsoft Azure was chosen. 

Megger uses the product management system, Agility Multichannel PIM and so MMT Digital collaborated with the client to devise a migration strategy which would pull all product data into a central product store within Kentico using the extensive APIs. Megger is now able to make changes centrally and choose which products to add to the country sites by creating linked pages to the new product stores. 

As part of the content migration, some product data structure was transformed to allow easier and more efficient content management. The media libraries were also migrated to Microsoft Azure Blob storage to allow them to be served via the Azure CDNs for optimal page load time. 

MMT Digital needed to ensure that the site was set up for a smooth global roll out across 25 countries. With this in mind, it was crucial that Megger could manage all content centrally, with translation in place for all country sites.


Before upgrading the website, MMT Digital conducted a UX review. A style guide was then created which meant that all new buttons, text sizes, headers, and hover states were defined, allowing Megger to easily create pages while maintaining brand consistency. 

The code base was rebuilt to iron out all bugs and improve performance, providing an excellent user experience. The hosting was consolidated onto Microsoft Azure to improve efficiencies and allow the website to cope with spikes in traffic. 

To prepare the site for the global roll out, MMT Digital used localisation strings so that all content can be quickly and easily translated, allowing for a smooth launch across 25 countries. 

All product data was migrated from Agility Multichannel PIM, the product management system used by Megger, into Kentico so that it can be managed centrally. This also means that Megger can use Kentico EMS to track product data and maximise its marketing campaigns by delivering personalised content to users.


The performance of the Megger site is now excellent and the improvements have ensured that the management of the site is as efficient as possible. The refreshed design has brought the site up to date and it provides an engaging user experience which will further enhance the web presence of the brand. 

  • During the first full reporting period (April 2017), Megger saw organic growth increases of 16% compared with April 2016. 
  • There was also a five percent increase in new sessions to the site in this period. 
  • SERP positions appear to have been retained in the switch with several improvements made and key terms now ranking higher on page one. 
  • The site was named a Kentico Site of the Month for March 2017. 

Key criteria for choosing Kentico Xperience.

  • Flexible Content Management 
  • Enterprise standard performance 
  • Multi-lingual functionality 
  • Actively supported by Kentico and strong developer community 




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